Thursday, January 04, 2007

natural healers

I think my laptop is the only thing in this apartment that doesn't smell. A walk into the kitchen makes me and the toilet great friends. Morning sickness my friends...morning sickness all day. I have seemed to be too tired, too lazy, too sick, too whatever to do anything too productive these past weeks. I've noticed talking on the phone and playing my guitar seem to distract my stomach somewhat for 20 minutes or so. Whatever works right? I remember being pregnant and sick with Mckenzie and putting in a beautiful movie soundtrack CD and just crying. I knew my spirit needed that music at that time. natural healers...

Laying on the couch wrapped in my favorite blanket, green in the face, I attempt to pay the best attention I can to little Kenzie. She must wonder 'what in the heck happened to mom? She is so boring!!!' Well somehow she knows Mommy isn't up to par because she awkwardly walks over to the couch, practically falling on me due to lack of balance (she's learning!) lifts up the blanket covering my face and gives me 10 kisses in a row and pats my head. A natural healer oh my!

Although my apartment is small, dark, cold, etc., I do however love the window in our bedroom. It faces the back yard of the complex where it is pretty secluded. I open the window to an old tall red wooden fence. Our bed of course sits on famous much needed cinder blocks- so the bed is up high. I just lay there in the morning and let the sun hit my face and I swear I'm in heaven for 5 minutes.

Long phone calls with mom, honeycombs, rocking kenzie to sleep, jack in the box burgers, music, Chay, sunshine, New Testament, prayer, prayer, small natural healers. My small blessings.