Thursday, April 30, 2009

where are you going April?

(I am in the process of making my blog into a book...a book just for me, so I don't expect you to delve into the long posts...this is a journal entry more than anything.)

Where is the month of April going? Come back! I'm not done reclaiming April in April.

May....hmmm...I can always continue....Makeover May...yes Makeover May

ok so the rundown on the reclaiming April in April ordeal

I have been a complete mess since Mom died.

I am very good at hiding it, unless you're Chay, unless you're around at 2 in the morning and my pillow is wet from 3 hours of crying...

Can I blame it all from Mom being gone? Not really. My tears and discouragement aren't always motivated by Mom's death- I mostly just feel out of touch with reality, anxious, overwhelmed, inadequate, disappointing...but it all seemed to boil over into a heap of yuck right around the time I said my last goodbyes to Mom. Something literally changed inside me when I saw Mom lifeless and mom-less on her hospice bed. It wasn't like this big snap...but more like a dull wearing away at my soul, my love for life, my happiness. Don't get all freaked out, I still come across as the usual "April" and I don't slit my wrists..for attention lol... It's all good. I'm still cool and fun. LOL. Just writing out how I feel sometimes.

We all have bad moments. Behind closed doors and the walls of our home, I believe many, if not most of us have the breakdowns, the give-ups, the lazy unmotivated days where we can't seem to grasp any more concept of life here on earth- but those feelings usually only last a couple days and on we go...fighting and enjoying life. I, however, have had those bad moment feelings for awhile, and I haven't been able to kick it very well. It is more of a battle inside and only evident to those very very close to me...and I usually cope well with... bread and long afternoon naps- which in the end only makes me more discouraged because now I have gained weight, my body aches, and I have wasted hours that could have been spent doing a lot more productive things...

I'm not really sure what is going on. But whatever it is, deep down I believe I still have a choice.

Even though the choice is the hardest thing I have ever done. I also believe deep down that the Atonement can work a miracle in my life. I just somehow do.

Even though I feel so incredibly sorry for myself, and can't seem to make more than the slightest effort to change, and even getting angry with Heavenly Father for taking Mom, and for not always enjoying the challenge of being a mother and wife while being stuck inside a house all day- even with all these feelings, I believe somehow (with the angels' help) that I am deeply loved by my Creator and that the Savior cares about me. Me. April. Me.

It is like I have a concourse of unseen support surrounding me, just waiting, just hoping, for me to get up and get on with this beautiful life. Every time I get angry at how far away Mom feels, I instantly feel her near. She won't even let me doubt for longer than a minute. And then in my prideful thoughts I think, "get away Mom, I'm trying to make a point and feel sorry for myself here"

and maybe just maybe...all this I am experiencing is life at it's fullest.

I have tried since October to get a grip on life. The long winter was just annoying. Wasn't it?

So I started the whole reclaiming April in April thing- which was more of an open ended prayer...hoping with my little attempts, God would take over. I was inviting change...and I am starting to feel a little better...ever since I told Heavenly Father, "I can't do this anymore, I am disrupting my own life, my husband's, my children's- I am losing opportunities to serve others while I drown in self pity...I am having a hard time even liking myself because everything discourages me...I can't do it...take over please."

Life isn't suddenly bubble gum and Lolly pops, but I am starting to feel somewhat alive again...something is sort of stirring together...hope...nothing noticeable on the outside...but inside there is finally sunshine outside...which really helps.

listen, I truly believe in miracles- I believe that our very own thoughts can change. The atonement can take our most precious prideful possessions and throw them away. It seems impossible because we have certain weaknesses about us that seem to make up who we are- it's like we can't live without some of our sins because we wouldn't know what to do next in life without them. We use them as a tool of survival.

Eating too much, not being able to forgive ourselves and others, talking bad about people, feeling sorry for ourselves, judging others, watching too much TV, spending too much time on the Internet, wasting time in general, being too busy and overloading life with "to-do" lists, criticizing others, putting down others, complaining, being negative, disrespecting the body...all these are manifestations of people just trying to survive...and when anyone is just trying to survive, we should have compassion for them, regardless, because we are all trying to fill that hole...which only the Savior can fill. It is the "whole vs. hole" that we are all trying to figure out on some level...because we are mortal...but I believe that we can overcome our trials feeling "whole" through the Christ.

anyway, so that is a little explaining on why I wanted to do some reclaiming...and that maybe I could possibly turn the vicious cycle I'm treading into something beautiful and plentiful...finding that which was once lost. I remember my basketball coach saying once, "turn your anger into performance"...

I remember right after Mom died I wanted nothing more than to be strong and pure so I could honor her...but then everything kind of fizzled out as reality set in. "I can't talk to my mom. she is gone. I want to talk to her so bad." And then every part of my life started to hurt, not just her being gone- it was like it affected the whole life package...anyone out there relate? Isn't it amazing what effect one person and their death can do to someone? This has been so huge to me...nothing has been this hard in my life- and I have been through a lot of poopy stuff...I really really miss Mom.

so since the month of April is over...May is always nice. I have hopes to have more meaningful prayers and scripture study. A temple visit or two and to start revitalizing this body of mine...get it strong again.

Makeover May here I come...

favorite sport: make the girls laugh

I'm not sure if I should even post this. Everything in this video is out of control. I am out of control, the girl's room is out of control, my girls are out of control, Chay is out of control for filming it...I'm out of control for posting it.

Sometimes it is so addicting to make the girlies laugh. I love it. I am always doing whatever it takes to get them to giggle -(obvious proof from the video). Chay must have been particularly interested in Ju Ju's reaction to her mom's silliness...he kept the camera on her the whole time...cute little ju ju.

after the play time we then of course did our duties and cleaned the room for 2'm kidding... Mom would have loved to see this video. My girls have the hardiest it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sugar and glue

To those who were wondering about the "I love Chay" art from the previous it's not paint or sidewalk chalk...and no Elissa it wasn't found drawn on my front porch although I would rather see that first thing in the morning drawn in sidewalk chalk all know the story....

sugar and glue and black construction paper- a very difficult process to manipulate just right...

It was the best I could do to entertain a 3 year old on a cold Saturday was actually kind of fun...try it is a great way to rotate your food storage...

The other night Chay and I got in an argument. What? You guys actually argue? Oh please.

Anyway, during the argument Chay jokingly took the "I love Chay" art off the refrigerator and threw it in the garbage as a way of making his point, whatever his point was I can't remember. I took the art out of the garbage and he said, "why are you keeping it?" and I answered, "because I'm sure there is somebody out there who still loves you, I will just give it to them if they want it." Then of course we started to laugh...

It is back up on the fridge...I made Chay a cheesy pre-school art project and Chay rubbed my sore neck for an hour this morning...

good trade.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

lyrics of the year

While driving in my car, I heard a song that by far has the most romantic lyrics ever:
"I said shush girl
Shut your lips
Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips" ~3oh!3

Have any of you heard this song yet?...oh my.

this was pretty funny to hear, I will admit...

and now it has somehow become a stupid joke in the family...

Friday, April 24, 2009

don't be so emotional

a quote I heard this week- not by a journalist, politician, not the words of Thomas Jefferson either (although this sounds exactly like something he would say)- The quote was given by this lady in Boise who teaches parenting classes. I am listening to her lectures on my Ipod in the morning...

"Teach your children to act on principle and not to react on emotion." ~Carleen Tanner
Isn't that good?

Why did I think about our country when I heard this quote? This neat cozy meaningful common sense quote doesn't just apply to parenting. Do you think the majority of decisions being made in congress lately are based on principle? or emotion?

bailouts are emotion, gun control is emotion, pro-choice is emotion, welfare is emotion, paying home mortgages with tax payer's money is emotion, cheating on taxes is emotion, progressivism is emotion- I mean don't you just want to cry and feel sorry for all these people??? ...Well I sort of do- but I'm not government, I'm a friend. Government will never be a friend. From God, from friend to friend, from church, from community, from private sector to private sector we can help each other out, because that is who we are- don't deny what we can do as an individual- to be charitable, loving, kind, employ-

immorality is based on emotion and morality is based on principle...

I react on emotion a lot. It is like I will forget everything important to me and just want to change my world upside down due to my crazy out of whack feelings I am feeling at the moment.
reacting to emotion can be fatal to relationships, the family budget, the waistline, trust, change, faith

reacting to emotion examples:

yelling at children because you're tired,
impulsive spending "Those pillows would look so good in my living room",
Forcing your idea on everyone around you
Stop going to church because someone offended you
saying yes to everything- in hopes to get approval
enabling others instead of teaching others,
"I had a hard day, I deserve to eat this",
"I can always pay it back later",
Doing favors to only those who will praise and support you
finish blog post before changing your child's poopy diapers. oops.

acting on principle: answers to the "reacting to emotions" statement above: oh and this isn't me answering these examples- oh no no no- I only wish I could be so rooted in principles like this...I'm trying.

"I'm tired, don't take it out on the kids"
"These pillows are not in my budget. I will survive without them for now. But they are awesome pillows."
"Everyone has the choice to make their own decisions. No matter how strongly I believe in something, it is still wrong to force and control one's belief's."
"God is perfect, people aren't."
"I can't go to the reception tonight, I really need to go home and watch The Office with Chay"
"Mama ain't making your bed for you no more- who's gonna make it when you're 40?"
"Cookies only make me feel good for a minute, and then the guilt sets in... it's not worth eating just to numb out temporary feelings...but they do look dang good."
"Debt is not good. Prophet said so. Makes sense to me. Everything bought with credit, isn't really mine right?"
"I will serve my fellow men so that I might serve God. Period"
"There is more to life than blogging...(and facebook)."

What is principle? Truth. Deeper meaning. Can't be altered. Is not influenced by cultural trends or evolving ideas.

So when George Bush implemented "No child left behind" he was reacting to emotion "oh my gosh our education system is in trouble, I think I will just take power away from the states and do my own thing and spend lots of money on education" If he had acted on principle he would have said, "Education was not intended to be under the federal jurisdiction, but that of the states. The more local the government that oversees education, the more education will improve. Give the power back to the states."

Bush also bailed out the banks...which was emotional thinking "oh my gosh, the country will collapse! We can't go through a depression again. I have to be in control to save bad business. We can't let bad business fail. We can't let people get kicked out of their homes when they can't afford it anymore, I will just butcher the free markets to save the free markets" Principle thinking: "We need to be strong as a nation, hold our breath, and let these companies fall. Capitalism, like anything else, has its bad moments, but it will re-sprout, we will survive, businesses will learn, we will not interfere- for it is not our place to do so. We are a free country. As a government we will allow the system to play itself out." Can you imagine such a president? Sounds like Reagan. We would definitely see some hard times, but it wouldn't be prolonged like it will be now. you can only imagine what I have to say about Obama...who claims everything is Bush's fault, which it may be, but why is he doing everything Bush did only steroid style...and yet he supports abortion, embryonic stem cell research,... I won't even go there- I'm too tired.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

beautiful to Him


So this song speaks right to ME. Joette introduced me to this song when she came up for a visit. We sat down at the piano to sing it and I couldn't hold back the tears. "Where in the heck did you get this song Joette?"

It was like the composer/writer of the song sat down one day and said, "the other night I had a dream about a girl named April Clark and in the dream I was able to read her heart and mind- and understand what strength she needs right now in her life...and, so I think I will write a song for April- for a reminder, for strength."

I play and sing it several times a day. My fingers are a little clumsy as I attempt sight reading- but I just feel the spirit so much when I sing the song. I might be really daring and ask Brandy, our young women's president, if I can sing and teach this song to the young women- Joette said the girls at girl's camp last year sang this every night- and talked about how powerful it was...oh and the lyrics are wonderful of course but just imagine a gorgeous melody...oh I just love this song. I will sing it for you if you'd like...

Beautiful to Him

So much noise
So much peace destroyed
I can hardly hear the voice
leading me through the void

So much noise
The world's little lies

Destruction in disguise
opportunities to compromise
to make me beautiful in their eyes
but I'm not going to buy
the world's little lies

Cause I define myself
and find my beauty
in the light He gives
I'm refined by His divine intentions
everyday day I live.

It doesn't matter what the world believes
or what they say that beauty means
It comes from within
I want to be beautiful to Him.

He's given me His trust
So I'll be strong enough
To run from a dangerous touch
I don't need that kind of love
I don't need that crutch
He's given me His trust.

I define myself
and find my beauty
in the light He gives.
I'm refined by His divine
intentions every day I live.

It doesn't matter what the world believes
Or what they say that beauty means
it comes from within
I want to be beautiful to Him.

I know how to shine
My life's not really mine
It's not about the worldly climb
It's all about His design

So in His eyes
I want to shine.

Cause I define myself
and find my beauty
in the light He gives.
I'm refined by His divine intentions
every day I live.

It doesn't matter what the world believes
or what they say that beauty means.
It comes from within
I want to be beautiful to Him.

I want to live to have His peace
and feel the holiness He sees.
It comes from within
I want to beautiful to Him.

~Tyler Castle and Staci Peters

Sunday, April 19, 2009


ok so I woke up this morning to find a man's "anatomy" drawn ever so nicely on my front porch.

Sidewalk chalk.

Blue sidewalk chalk,- big, bright blue, detailed- not missing a thing, the whole deal- the whole "stimulus" package. It was definitely "stimulated."

"Look Chay! Look Chay!" I was really mad and disgusted. "Look what some sicko drew on our porch!..I'm calling the police"

I did. They came out and took pictures. Asked questions like:

"Are you in any fights with neighbors?" no, our neighbors love us!

"Any teenagers?" no

"New to the neighborhood?" no

"prank calls?" no

"Any recent activity done outside the home that caused commotion?" Um...we planted fruit trees yesterday???...oh and Chay jack hammered cement in the're not saying it could be the jack hammer that made someone want to draw a man's "specials" on my porch...

So yes...what a wonderful Sunday surprise...makes for a good story anyway.

Friday, April 17, 2009


um...ok I have written like 3 entries today on the tea parties...and then decided not to post them...because I just sounded so frustrated and preachy...when it comes to mainstream media and what all of us "nut jobs" truly stand for...and I really don't like preachy people...and so...I am just going to to leave a cool quote from George Washington.

"Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience."

wow- isn't that good?

ok. I found a follow up that really sums up how I feel. This is from Jonah Goldberg's blog. He talks about the complaints the conservatives have been getting lately- especially all the flack from the tea parties and crazy Texas.

1. All of this tyranny talk is overheated and idiotic.

Well, some of it surely is. But look. According to that reason video I posted below, Americans work an average of 103 days a year just to pay their taxes. If you had to work 365 days a year to pay your taxes, that would be a kind of slavery or indentured servitude, because all of your productive labor would be going to the government. You would have no resources of your own to provide for the life you wanted. Instead the government would provide you not with what you want, but what the government decides you need.

That sounds like a kind of tyranny to me.

And, I think if we had to work 364 days a year it would still be a kind of serfdom (after all, serfs were allowed a little plot of their own). Ditto 363 days, 362 days, 361 days etc. Now, at some point the difference of degree becomes a difference in kind; working one day a year to pay for the government doesn't sound oppressive to me. But it seems to me that it's hardly absurd to think that 103 days a year is too much, or to believe that if that number goes even higher, we're losing something important.

I would also add that it's sort of crazy for liberals to equate government hand-outs (positive liberty, FDR's economic bill of rights and all that) with "freedom" but to equate the desire to keep more of the money you make yourself with greed and oppression of some kind. Money does make all sorts of liberties possible (you have to pay for your megaphone and all that). But government money only pays for the "liberties" the government thinks you should have, and therefore it can determine how you exercise them. That turns liberties into privileges dispensed at the whim of the state.

2. The original tea parties were about taxation without representation, today's spending is the result of Democrats winning elections, so it's taxation with representation.

There's some fairness to this objection. But one response would be that Democrats are tripling the debt, which means that generations of Americans not yet born will be taxed to pay for spending today. That is a kind of taxation without representation.

A second, more political than philosophical objection, would be that today's spending is being achieved under false pretenses. Obama says he's spending this money to fix a crisis, but much of his spending has nothing to do with the crisis but with shopworn liberal action items. However, since Obama campaigned on many of these items, I don't think it amounts to taxation without representation. But it does seem like the sort of duplicity worth a protest or two.

3. These protests are unpatriotic astroturfing by plutocrats.

So much for "dissent is the highest form of patriotism"!

I find it sort of amazing that when groups like ANSWER, a Mos Eisley cantina of America-hating nut cases, take to the streets it's a full-flowering of democracy in action. When ACORN pays their ragamuffins to protest, or when Rainbow/PUSH shakes down businesses through racial extortion, it's the sort of direct democratic action Thomas Paine dreamed of. And when labor unions pay people to protest, it's populist. But when a bunch of independent Americans, talk show hosts and email campaigners organize hundreds of protests around the country, it's astroturfing.

4. Republicans are hypocrites for suddenly caring about deficits.

Well, maybe. But then so are liberals for suddenly not caring about deficits. (That part always gets left out.)

Moreover, I don't get it. Republicans didn't care enough about the deficit when it went up a "little" under Bush (to pay for a war), therefore they can't complain when Obama sends it through the stratosphere (to pay for socialized medicine)? How does that work? If my wife spends too much on a shopping trip, does that mean she can't complain if I lose our house on a trip to Vegas?

5. The populist anger out there is the real face of America's homegrown fascism.

Sigh. While I think Rick Perry's secession talk is idiotic and unfortunate (even accounting for Texas' unique history), I am at a loss as to how any of this stuff smacks of fascism. Even Perry is talking in the context of the federal government doing too much, taking away too much liberty, getting too involved in local communities and interfering too much with the individual.

How do I say this so people will understand? Fascism isn't a libertarian doctrine! It just isn't, never will be and it can't be cast as one. Anarchism, secessionism, extreme localism or rampant individualism may be bad, evil, wrong, stupid, selfish and all sorts of other things (though not by my lights). But they have nothing to do with a totalitarian vision of the state where individuals and institutions alike must march in step and take orders from the government.

If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.

Update: From a reader:

Jonah, you say:

Moreover, I don't get it. Republicans didn't care enough about the deficit when it went up a "little" under Bush (to pay for a war).


Have a great weekend.

Me: Well, I put a "little" in quotation marks to convey the point that it wasn't literally a little. But it is a little compared to what Obama's deficits will be.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

complete inspiration

ok this is a complete inspiration...her whole life she had a voice like this??? She could have been on Broadway- She is this simple unemployed lady from a village in England somewhere who has gone unnoticed her whole life. I love this. I just love it. I love how she blows them away...oh and of course the british accents...I could listen to a british speak all day...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fear monger


I had a dream a month ago that we were in a huge earthquake.

Every building fell except those built by the church. The aftershocks were so bad that we were forced to go out to a field and stay for days while the ground trembled. It was only a dream. I woke up thinking, "man what did I eat before I went to bed last night?"

The next night I dreamed about what I should during an earthquake. I was to push my big heavy duty kitchen table under the main beam threshold of my house and to grab the girls and get under it. I dreamed that dream twice.

So now what? A little spooky I'd say. So I live in an earthquake doom ville state. Now what? Well then I got the idea that I should get earthquake insurance. I called the insurance company and got a quote but then I thought. "Oh April don't be such a fear monger...don't take your dreams so did dream a couple weeks ago that you were dating 'Jim' from The Office". Then 2 weeks later, inside the Sunday paper, there was a 20 page pamphlet all about earthquakes in Utah, in the pamphlet it talked about how to prepare, the likelihood, what to do afterwards, which buildings will likely receive the most damage (so happens that brick homes built before 1970 are the ones to be most worried about- oh wonderful)...blah blah

so I called my homeowners insurance the very next day...

My house is insured. Few. That feels dang good.

Now off to getting my 72 hour kit backpack all updated and's almost done...and good thing I am married to a strong survival brute- because the backpack is HEAVY.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

reclaiming joy and courage

um...these quotes were very liked by me. I have said this before, but I just feel like if I could somehow have all my favorite life changing quotes blown up and hung up all over the house, I think I would remember better how to handle life more peacefully and calmly.

"Morality is the judgement to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price." Ayn Rand

"Joy is the goal of existence, and joy is not to be stumbled upon, but to be achieved, and the act of treason is to let its vision drown in the swamp of the moment's torture." Ayn Rand

Monday, April 13, 2009


So Joette was here for 10 days. Never got sick of her. Not even once.

Although her visit kind of put the whole "reclaiming" business on hold...or in whatever perspective you choose to look at it- made it all the stronger, more colorful, more detailed...what is reclaiming anyway?: Finding that which was once lost?....Ok so Joette's visit then actually fit nicely in the "reclaiming April in April"...the first few days we ate hummus, sprouted wheat and lentil tortillas, almond butter, avocados, and acai juice, but then the late nights and early paper route mornings caught up with I caved in and ate Easter candy and Easter pie and Easter mashed potatoes...(Holidays have such a bitter opposition sometimes)

But if you wrap up the past 10 days into one experience, and watched it as a movie, you would see that despite the poor food choices....reclaiming, renewing, rejuvenating, relaxing was all done. Thanks Joette.

We went on walks and held hyper Julia on our shoulders.
We watched Chay put in recessed lights in the living room.
We watched Australia 4 times...and practiced our English and Australian accents all week.
Watched conference.
We went on a hike up in the mountains and talked about the power of mind over DNA genetics and men with nice voices.
We went to the temple. Joette almost did a session with her dress on backwards.
We saw our Aunt Linda...who has many the same mannerisms as Mom.
We saw our cousin Vickie. She radiates faith. She told us about one of our ancestors who was blind and serenaded Joseph Smith on Christmas Eve.
We worked on my 72 hour kit together.
We sang "Beautiful to Him" 100 + times at the piano.
We bought fruit trees.
We painted a picture.
We went to Costco whenever we could.
We listened to The Killers. I love the song "Human" now.
We canned some dry pack at the cannery.
We watched the Emma Smith movie. We let Kenzie stay up with us to watch it till 11!
We watched a little Glenn Beck when we could.

Joette fell in love with my girls again. They warmed up to her faster than anyone I have ever seen, besides Mom of course.
Joette held Julia until she fell asleep. (Miracle)

Why I love Joette. Well she's my sister for one- but I really like her -because she is "true friend" material. You can be honest with her and she doesn't get upset. You can tell her your biggest weaknesses and she won't judge you. You can say, "Can I call you back, I don't feel like talking right now" and she totally understands. You never have to doubt Joette's testimony of the Savior and the gospel. She is who she is. She always listens to her gut and acts. I envy this about her. She has no fear when she knows she is being guided by the Holy Ghost.

Joette is so relaxed. How does she stay so even steven all the time? I am like a freaking roller coaster and Joette can handle me so well...she actually calms me.

Miss you Joette. Come again. I think you should move down here by the way.

Friday, April 10, 2009


um...I don't want to waste a lot of time on the computer. I am having way too much fun wasting time doing other things with Joette.

Sometimes when you think about all that is going on in the country right now- it can be so exhausting. It is.

If you turn on the TV after not watching the news for a week- be careful- you won't even know how to comprehend all the funky things going on. You will be so confused how everything got so jacked up these past few years...

Ever since Bush decided to bail out AIG- the government has basically all gone to power socialism pot.

So what am I going to do about it? Well I am going to a Tea Party on April 15th. Are you going to one? Click HERE to find a Tea Party near you.

I think I want to wear this shirt to the Tea Party. And I think I will buy it a little small- on purpose... and I will wear just a little extra make-up...just so everyone knows, especially the media, that conservatives do not only consist of farmers or senior discounters...yes, there are actually "hip" conservatives under the age 30 (barely) who still proudly cling to their bible and gun. Despite cultural trend or the so called "progressive" movement, there are still those who believe in those old fashion principles of the past...and who so happen to also look extremely well in black. LOL

I need to write a post about "progressives" holy crap- have any of you watched Oprah lately? That lady is tricky. Tricky. I like to call her Miss Flaxen Cord lady.

Monday, April 06, 2009


reclaiming april in april...always needs a little general conference...which always inspires me to do better- always gives me hope, always convinces me of my worth, always makes me sleepy....LOL. Don't you love how conference comes in the welcoming spring and then in the preparation of a cold winter? April and October. Perfect.

I will have to explain what I've decided this month of April will mean to me...maybe later. Joette is here and so the computer seems to be really lame at the moment. What a drag to be on the computer.

But oh and one more event that took place 3 times by choice (which has nothing to do with reclaiming myself):

Have you seen this yet? Oh my gosh. What a good movie! I laughed and cried through the whole movie- all 3 hours...3 times.

I asked Chay if I could call him "Drover" he said no.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I am freezing...I need some global warming please

fight for freedom friday

so...when I was growing up and going through the dreadful junior high years, the color "green" meant "horny". I know, retarded. Do any of you remember this? It was like the "green" light to hold hands or kiss some random behind the bleachers. "Junior High stuff". The last thing "green" meant was to recycle and buy shirts made out of hemp.

I think this whole global warming thing is an absolute genius idea. I mean seriously, who doesn't love the earth? I personally love to recycle. Our city has an amazing recycling program and it makes it so easy to do- although I do go overboard and find myself searching through all the garbage cans to see if Chay has thrown away anything made of plastic or paper, so I can put it in the recycling bin. It's an obsession of mine.

Recycling is cool. Great program.

Energy. I always turn off my lights when I can. I also set my air conditioner to 82 degrees in the summer- not because of deadly green house carbons going in the air, but mostly to keep my electric bill down.

It is all tricky. When I first heard about global warming, I bought into it so quick. I am a "tree hugger" by heart and I love rivers and streams LOL...and stuff like that. I wear chacos and I used to drive a Subaru. I have "liberal" written all over me.

So, I don't like seeing litter and dirty lakes. Plus I can hardly breathe here in Utah- the inversion here is something else I tell you. I am all about finding solutions to the bad air...

But then I got to thinking a little...If people want to push global warming, let them push global warming- but push it like other causes push their agenda- like when you go to the grocery store and the clerk asks you to donate $1 to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, or those marathons that are all in the name of breast cancer- these foundations are making a ton of money to support their cause, yet, you and me aren't forced to contribute to them if we don't want to.

But "Global Warming is killing the earth!!!!! Brace yourselves, we're spiraling out of control...we're on FIRE!!!" really? That is when it has gone a little too far. At first when I saw Al Gore on Oprah I thought to myself, "wow I like the idea of cars running on bio fuel or electricity...and I like how they can make playground equipment out of used tires" it was all a very cool concept at first, but then with time, global warming kind of took a weird twist...a powerful controlling twist.

First of all, Global Warming is a theory. Did you know that? What? No, it isn't, it can't be, everyone knows man is killing the earth. Brangelina even said so themselves.

Weather Channel founder John Coleman has described global warming as "the greatest scam in history"

Award winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer was fired by Al Gore because he chose to disagree with Gore's theory.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, who has been Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT for over 25 years acknowledged that it took him awhile to realize that global warming was a highly organized political movement, and that opposing it was an uphill battle. He said that it has nothing to do with science.

James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies also disagrees with the theory of man caused global warming.

There are many more...just too lazy to write them all...In fact there was a conference held this year where scientists all over the world met to discuss the fallacies of the man caused global warming theory. Thousands showed up- (sorry I don't have a resource...which makes me not very credible- but the conference was held in New York-just google it)

ok so who cares if there are just as many scientists who don't believe in man caused global warming than who actually support it- who cares? Well theories are fun and all...but now all of the sudden it has become political (well, Al Gore basically started this whole rally- so political from the beginning) but now it is being shoved down our throats as true and we are paying with our own money to support something that isn't necessarily true...and we don't have any say in it.

I don't think we should pollute the air or poop in rivers...but we better pay attention to the ramifications of what is about to happen when we give government control over this issue- because the next issue and the next issue after that- it is easier for government to take hold and take over.

Do your research. It is amazing what you will find. The research on global warming is really intriguing- and both sides of the debate have their facts- but it is far too premature to be making these huge money deficit decisions. I personally do not agree with man caused global warming. If anything it was just a 1990's trend. It is April, and there is snow in my front yard. I actually would like a little global warming right now. I am freezing. Where in the heck is spring?

Everyone wants something to believe in. Global warming is just that something for so many.

If global warming is the priority right now over the economy- watch out. Because everyone will be affected...and if you suck dry the people's prosperity with taxes, expensive cars, jacked up utilities, shutting down coal industries, job loss, higher emission taxes, investing in alternative solutions on the tax payer's back (which don't really work as well), refuse to drill for oil when we all know oil actually works, demand "green" behavior or you'll be penalized. etc.- even the environmentalists, who if hungry and cold will be one of the first to cut down the precious trees and put them in air polluting wood stoves to keep warm.

So the reverse effect will occur. The more prosperous we are, the more we can care about the earth. We would have the time and resources to do so.

If there is a theory with enough evidence to debunk global warming, maybe we should just rely on that theory for awhile, cut taxes, get people working again, and then think about "saving the planet" later.

So I'm not so into "green" if you know what I mean. This is a pure example of: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and will lose both.” Benjamin Franklin

the reclaiming2

continues with this:

time to reintroduce the green drink...

and a visit from Joette for 10 days...

and her painting she painted just for me: She felt inspired to share these words with me from the hymn "How Gentle God's Commands"

How gentle God's commands.
How kind His precepts are.
Come, cast your burdens on the Lord
And trust His constant care.

Joette, this painting is so perfect. Thank you. When I told you I didn't want anything on my walls unless it was meaningful to were really listening.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

reclaiming april in april

I think it will all start with this quote:

"No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character. He is an unchangeable being; the same yesterday, the same today, and He will be the same throughout the eternal ages to come. We have found that God. We have made Him our friend, obeying His gospel; and He will stand by us. We may pass through the fiery furnace; we may pass through deep waters; but we shall not be consumed nor overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer for them, if we only trust in our God and keep His commandments." ~President George Q. Cannon

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the reclaiming

reclaiming april in april