Monday, June 27, 2011

write it

You know, the legacy of a person's life is told by the written words of others.

When I sit down to write in my journal...I usually don't take the time to write about how great I am. :)

and either did my fact her journal entries barely reveal the dynamic person she was while here on earth. Mom sometimes used the journal to sort out feelings and to vent...I'm sure like some, when writing in her journal, she had like this therapeutic process thing going on...

Letters. Thank you Letters.

The legacy of Mom is carried on to the generations because the people in her life were touched by her in some way and decided to write her and tell her.

As I gather photos and memorabilia for Mom's book (this is taking forever to do by the way) I MOST treasure the dear sweet letters my mom received over the years from friends and family. These letters seriously capture the real EDK.


Thank you Edie Kaye for all your hard work on the back drops for the road show.

Thank you for your lesson in church on Sunday. You are an amazing teacher.

Thank you for listening to me talk about my life. You are a good listener.

Thank you for making rolls for the funeral.

You are my best friend.

Thank you for teaching me how to make bread.

Thank you for always laughing.

I always know when you are in the room. I love your laugh.

You are so creative and always willing to serve.

You are the best seminary teacher.

Thank you for your testimony of the Savior.

You make me want to be a better person.

I feel like I can tell you anything.

You have been the best visiting teaching partner.

You are my example.
See what I mean??

Mom has hundreds of letters she has kept over the years from friends, family, students, youth- and they are a GOLD MINE, especially as I attempt to glorify and honor her by making a book of her life...

How are you helping to carry out the legacy of others?

If someone in your life does something that touches you in some way- tell them. Write it. Give it. Do it. That person will probably be some child's grandma or grandpa someday and your kind words of gratitude to that person may be one of the few evidences of that person's good life. You are writing and contributing to that person's life history.

I decided to write a letter to a certain person and tell him thank you for all his love and service. I was so deeply impressed to write this letter. The Spirit kept pushing me to do it all day. As I was writing it, I started to cry a little. Chay thought I was losing it again. I then explained that I knew Heavenly Father wanted me to write this letter for this person's family history. It was clear as day why I felt so impressed to write the letter. Later that week, this person called me and told me the letter went directly in his journal. Now his posterity may know a little bit more about what kind of man he was.

I think I will contribute to my Mom's life history right now: Mom told me after I had my bridal shower and reception to make sure not to rush the Thank You cards to those who gave gifts. She challenged me to think about each person that gave me gifts and write something meaningful to them- it took FOREVER but it was an awesome experience- besides to those people I didn't know at all...that sucked. But I felt so BLESSED to have so many wonderful friends- good friends.

So next time you write a Thank You card- make it count. For the generations that follow- for that much needed smile on someone's face when they read it- make it count.

One of my most favorite hymns- click to read the lyrics

Each Life That Touches Ours For Good

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dad, I'm thinking about you. Called you yesterday but no answer. I love you. As the years pass I become more and more amazed at how powerful of a man you are...especially in your simpleness and that BIG heart of yours.

Chay- The big Daddy in our house. I like it when you call me big papa

Chay is a great Daddy. He is an entirely different parent than me...and with much thought I have come to the conclusion that my children couldn't be more lucky. My kids will have a beautiful interesting life with a wide variety of love showed to them daily.

Here he his own little world. I sneaked this really shows the real Chay. Sometimes I like to pretend I am meeting Chay for the first the day I snapped this photo- oh yes, I would fall in love with him so fast...who wouldn't?

Chay- soft voice, loves the Lord, Mr. Fix-it, everyone's friend, breathtaking smile, has passion for his loves and hobbies, slightly sensitive, CRAVES the woman he loves, and wants the best for his children...Did I score or what?

ok so this post isn't about how much I love Chay...but how much we the family love him as the Daddy...

Chay is PRESENT. He is around, he cares, he likes to be involved. He is a family man.

He looks forward to being home...until he hears the girl's fighting or whining of course...but his girls are HIS GIRLS. So cautious about their well being.


Some facebook friend wrote some quote about how she was proud not to be her child's friend but to be her child's parent instead...and then all these other people "liked" her quote. So weird.

That is just weird.

Heavenly Father is the perfect parent and He is my friend. I am pretty sure He will allow and teach us how to be both to our children.

If at the end of the day the house is clean, dinner was made, and all the "to-do's" are all checked off (which is rare), I don't feel all that accomplished if I didn't take time to just play with the kids.

Chay plays with his children.

...warm afternoons with a bucket of sidewalk chalk.

building a feeder to their newly painted birdhouses...he put the girl's bird house experiment excitement to the next level.

I swear Chay owns more shirts than this green Brazil shirt

The lawn maze...see it in the background. The pathway to the Hidden treasure!

he worked on Mr. Snowman's hair for 10 minutes...

I might just be in trouble for posting these pictures. Cute hat Chay :) But seriously, Chay DOES not care what he looks like when it comes to play-

Thanks Chaylove for all you do for the family. Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

320 sq. ft. home

Could you do it???

Talk about simplifying your life...