Thursday, September 25, 2014

powerful women


Powerful Women

Um, yes. Now that's what I'm talking about. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

special day

Sunday 21, 2014

Today I went to the re-dedication of the Ogden Temple. I had Kenzie with me. I bought her a special handkerchief with a picture of the Ogden Temple embroidered on it. Since children under 8 can't come- Chay stayed home with the other kids. He will attend the 1:00 session this afternoon and actually work and be an usher. 

I just want to quickly write how I felt this morning attending the dedication before time slips away and I forget to write about it and I forget how I felt. 

It was great being with my daughter, Kenzie. She is such a positive light who is so gracious and kind. I loved that I was with her in a very spiritual, quiet, and reverent environment so she could feel for herself the power of the temple and how important it is. I didn't have to say anything and I knew she was being taught by the spirit that what she was experiencing was awesome, true, powerful.  

While waiting for the Dedication to start I read a good article in the Ensign that really stuck out to me as an entry way to an answer of prayer I am currently seeking. 

I felt the spirit really strong throughout the dedication. When I feel the spirit really strong I get these feelings of truth that pierce my heart and I almost want to cry and sometimes I do. It is a good feeling. It is a feeling of truth- a connection to God, a connection to something bigger than myself, a connection to eternity and all its realms of existence- God's plan opening up in a clearer form of understanding for a little while- while I bask in truth and enlightenment. It doesn't last forever- but it's a gift I love to feel. 

I love the temple and I can't wait to go more often. It makes sense to me and it puts everything in this busy confused world into a greater perspective. Today during the Dedication I could feel all the chapters of this world's history, all the righteous people who lived before me, all the ancient prophets of the old testament and their sacred traditions, and the teachings of the New Testament all come together and unfold in a perfect plan. Our religion is fascinating because it captures and implements and gives explanations for everything God has done since the beginning of time. We feel our worth and our purpose in the great plan as we study the scriptures and attend the temple. In the temple many parts of the bible come alive and make more sense to me and I feel connected to those ancient people of so long ago who loved the temple as I do and even though they may be so vastly different than me in some ways- we are the same as we strive to follow God. 

Our prophet President Monson looked really old today. I could really see how he's aged lately- but he is an incredible man who teaches us to simply love and serve. 

It was a day I never want to forget. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to have so many blessings in my life and I want to thank Heavenly Father for trusting me to have such an enriched life. May I take what I have to offer and help others somehow...

Many Christian religions assume that Mormons feel obligated to do good works to be saved. We do good works because we love God. Good works is the result of a spiritual journey we embark on. First we feel God's love, then our hearts start to feel grateful, we then want to serve and obey to show love. We are never trying to earn God's love, we know He loves us even at our lowest times. We serve because He needs us to spread His love and truth to others and to show gratitude for all Christ has done for us. 
Just like a grown son coming over to weed his elderly parent's flowerbeds- not because he feels obligated but because he loves his parents. 
Grace saves us- we all know that. We can't be saved without Jesus Christ for He is our Redeemer and Savior. We are nothing without him because we are mortal and full of mistakes and sins. We continue to repent and use Christ's sacrifice, the atonement to help us move up and onward as we stumble through life. As members of my church, we work and serve because we want to dedicate our lives to God. It's an act of love, faith, and obedience. It's a beautiful thing because the more we serve others, work in the church, serve the family, the more we are blessed and the more we understand and know God- God is forever blessing His children. 

And that is the formula for a peaceful enriched life! 

Sunday, September 07, 2014


Sometimes when I bear my testimony I replay what I said afterwards and I get so embarrassed. I think to myself, oh my gosh they must think I'm holier than thou or that didn't make sense...

I really shouldn't care and I keep bearing my testimony often so I must not truly care- but I get a sting of embarrassment every time and I always wonder why.

Today we played musical chairs in the backyard. We totally set ourselves up for a couple meltdowns. I was even laughing about it before we started to play. I just knew it would bomb big time. It did. Disaster. Crying, hurt feelings- so funny. Then we played with a soft ball and 2 big rackets for awhile and that was fun. Came inside and Chay made a peanut butter banana shake for everyone and Kenzie started crying because she doesn't like peanut butter. Oh dear.

The kids were just ready to fight and argue at any moment and so we decided to go for a walk.

We stopped by a neighbor's house to drop off some clothes and the kids ended up playing since every kid in the neighborhood was playing Ghosts in the Graveyard. There were at least 20 kids. It was a beautiful evening. It looked like so much fun!! I wished to be a little kid again.

I know Kenzie and Julia are growing up so fast but they are still so little and fun. Holding on tight to these last few years before they hit tween/teen years.

caught living the gospel

A favorite quote of mine from Elder Holland.

Thursday, September 04, 2014


Today Sam was so so so cute. He is taking steps. 19 months and finally starting to walk.

Girls came home from school and they were so entertaining. Xander earned glitter sparkly markers and we colored with them like crazy. So fun! I was hooked. Homework time was super chaotic but it is always entertaining. Julia just goes wild. She is so good in school that I think she needs to release when she gets home.

Xander was my little helper today. He helped me make taco soup, do a load of laundry, and clean the kitchen. Everything takes longer with a little 4 year old shadowing you and wanting to help. Taco seasoning went all over the floor- ahhhh but he said afterwards "I didn't think chores were fun but they are."

I made dinner for a neighbor lady who had back surgery.

Kenzie had Sam in the stroller, Xander on his bike, Julia was in the big wheel and they were racing down the driveway into Cynthia's driveway. They just smiled and giggled for so long- it was a memory I never wanted to forget.

We reenacted the Good Samaritan story tonight for scripture study with toy dinosaurs. It was hilarious. It was perfect because the carnivore helped the herbivore heal and get better and didn't even try to eat him. Great anology for the Jews and the Samaritans relationship.

I didn't get any of my real chores done. I went to a case lot sale and it was disappointing. The prices weren't that great. Xander threw a fit because I told him I wasn't going to buy him this "Planes" toy. He just had a melt down right in the middle of the tupperware aisle. I was about to say, "You aren't allowed to come to stores with me anymore because you always ask for toys and throw a fit when I say no" But then I said, "we need to go to a million different stores that have a million toys you want and I need to tell you a million times NO so you will learn that Mommy isn't always going to get you a toy."

He is still so cute and at the end of the melt down he gave me a big hug and kiss. He's a great kid. I can't begin to write how grateful I am to have so much one on one with my Xander this year. We are going to grow so close this year. I need it and so does he.

Elder Clark

Chay had a special reunion today.

Two of his missionary companions and him met up today for lunch at the Braza Grill- of course.

They talked for 2 hours.

I honestly don't know what Chay does all day at work and had no clue they got together until Chay came home tonight and told me all about it. He was just so happy to tell me how awesome lunch was and how much he loved getting together with old companions.

One of the mission companions he hasn't seen since 2002 when he left Brazil for home. His name was Elder Nelson. He totally threw Chay off guard today at lunch when he shared with Chay how being companions with him (Chay) changed his whole perspective and love for the mission. He said (Chay paraphrased obviously) "Because of you my mission turned around and I learned a lot from you on how to be a good missionary. You made me want to be a better missionary. I never told you this but I really admired you and you were my example. I look back on my mission and you were the one that helped me make a turning point to love the mission. You were my favorite companion. I begged the mission president to not transfer me because I wanted to be companions with you longer."

It was very touching.

Knowing Chay, I can only imagine how fun Chay was as a missionary. Funny, easy going, obedient, goofy, hard working-

just something that I wanted to document. Chay had no clue he had any impact on this companion of his so many many years ago. You never know...


One thing that exhausts me but I appreciate about myself is that I truly believe there's always a way. There is almost always a way to solve a problem. It can be really annoying I'm sure. Oh well.

Kenzie plays prelude in Primary now. I asked the piano player and Primary President. The Primary in our ward is small and so Junior and Senior primary are combined. It really bugs me to be honest. The older kids are in the back bored while the smaller kids in front get all the attention. I asked suggested to the primary president to split it but ha ha who am I??? Oh just a mother who wants the best experience and opportunity for my children, that's all. The primary never split. Oh and the Primary President is just awesome and she knows me well so it's okay.

I want Kenzie to feel needed with responsibilities in primary so I think having her play the prelude is pretty amazing and something she can look forward to. I might even go a step further and ask that it is made into a calling. Why not?

Kenzie has a small gift. She is great at the piano. I have sat by her side for many hours working with her and it has really paid off. She plays well for her age. One of her favorite things to do is to get my collection of piano music out and play my favorite songs. She is really good at sight reading and although she plays music she doesn't know well really slow, she is really good at figuring out the notes. Well she found a song that I used to play and sing "I just knew" and she sat and played and sang the whole song. I was busy doing other stuff and she came in afterwards and said, "Mom I just played the whole song about Mary, I Just Knew, and I felt the spirit so strong while playing it."

And that is why I want my children to learn piano.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

blessed day

The van was dead this morning. We were going to be late for school. Luckily my neighbor Cynthia who is a dedicated stay at home mother with little ones like myself, is always home for the most part and was more than willing to shove all my kids in her little Mazda 3 and let me drive the girls to school.

Blessings of my beautiful day:

The sun was shining perfectly this morning.
I have a great neighbor across the street, Cynthia.
Thankful that I know how to jump a car.
Xander and I picked cherry tomatoes and a couple apples off our tree for breakfast
Xander helped me gather garbage to take out to the street. It's so fun being with him.
I talked to my less active neighbor about family history.
Xander and I did pre-school together
I read Elder Bednar's facebook page. He's my favorite.
Sammy has the hardiest laugh and he is so so full of love and light. CONTAGIOUS.
The teacher's aid in first grade could not stop talking about how beautiful Julia writes!
Xander and I played Memory and we built a fort downstairs.
When Sam is tired he grabs my long hair and rubs it across his face.
I pushed Xander really high on the tire swing. Gorgeous afternoon.
Julia came home in a silly mood and was making ALL of us laugh so hard during homework. Love her.
Kenzie has the best smile. She is just priceless when she giggles and laughs. LIGHT.
A dear friend came over because she was having a bad moment and we talked for an hour on my couch. I just love this friend so much.
Xander and Kenzie picked tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden for dinner's salad.
Went to the church for the weekly family history workshop and there were 4 new people who showed up to learn and get work done!
Came home to a beautiful husband, home and family.

It was a really great day.

Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease—David A. Bednar

I really liked finding this today. Gave me strength.