Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is why I can't resist him-

oh how I love pictures of Chay when he was a little guy- maybe we will have a little Chay someday.... no I'm not pregnant.

I grabbed this off of Tonya's blog- thanks Tonya for sharing


oh Utah... oh blessed Utah

so there is a train now that runs from Salt Lake to Ogden...it is called the FrontRunner. This is the first week it has been up and running and to celebrate this new public transportation movement, UTA has decided to let all ride for free for a week or so...so obviously we had to take advantage of riding a city train for free...it is all about the experience right?

well...so we created a wonderful idea to ride the train, pick up Chay from work, stroll the temple grounds, get a bite to eat and ride the train back home...

ok- talk about total chaos...

Don't ever say the word "free" or "clearance" or "discount" around any long term native since birth Utahan- they are out of control- simply out of control. Have I ever told you about my after Christmas clearance experience at Target? I have never seen so many angry motivated moms as they pushed and shoved their way around the aisles at Target- they would not even look at what they were buying- they would simply just take armfuls of Christmas junk and dump it into their carts..."what a bunch of hoarders" is all I could think and so I put my set of ornaments back on the shelf and left... so I am generalizing...not every Utahan spends the night in front of Old Navy the night before their annual clearance sale...but there are quite a few who I'd guess would believe shopping frugal and getting a good deal determines their worthiness...lol- ok so I am exaggerating slightly but I kid you not about the Target story...and if you want to get food on sale- you have to go to the grocery store first thing in the morning when the shelves are stocked... it is a good deal war zone out there- fight fight fight

ok so back to FrontRunner- quite impressive but the crowds were outrageous- but what was even more outrageous was the organization of the whole ordeal- they were not prepared for the big crowds of passengers- there wasn't a line for handicaps or elderly, there wasn't a limit capacity, there weren't enough workers to compensate for the overload of people and...so this is why civilizations must be governed by laws because it was just insane- people were pushing and shoving and fighting. I had a double stroller of course and the only place to put it was by the door- so before I could get it and move it when the doors open...I hear: "who in the hell left a stroller right here?" "Get the damn stroller out of the way" ....um relax please...everything will be ok. Both rides to and from Salt Lake were jammed pack...dangerously packed- not really standing room only- more like face in stranger's armpit room only.

so when we finally got back to our car- it felt so wonderful- I love cars!!! Quiet, comfortable, sitting is granted-

In the quiet car ride home I finally said how crazy people can get when something is free- like everyone felt they were all so deserving of something- and my mom then said, "all I could think about is how horrible it would be if there was free health care" it was so random and totally not what I expected to hear but oh what a good analogy mom! SCARY!

um so...say no to FrontRunner on free ride days and say no to free health care...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


mom and I watched the new Emma Smith movie last night...I still can't believe I watched a Mormon movie in a cinema- something my Washington State native self isn't used to- but I was so incredibly touched by this movie...

As I watched the movie I was having a hard time taking it all in- I would get so wrapped up in the horror of just one trial Emma faced but the movie kept going and so as her life went- major trials after trials...I couldn't even process the pain and agony she had to bear- married to Joseph, losing so many children, disowned by her father, the mobs, sickness, moving, persecution...more than we can imagine. My mom and I were in tears of course...

So I guess people judged Emma because she didn't go west with the church- her children decided to stay also which caused her and Joseph's posterity to leave the church and start the RLDS. This must frustrate so many members of the church. Many must question, "If she could have just trusted a little more, if she could have mustered up just enough faith to make the journey west..."

after watching this movie all doubt seems to be lifted and I can't imagine her any other place besides next to Joseph living out her eternities...

everyone's experience on earth is individual...

anyway- good movie

Here are some trailers- some of my favorite quotes from the movie are in these trailers...I love it when Emma gets up in front of the relief society for the first time and says "sisters we are going to do something extraordinary"

Friday, April 18, 2008

intersection insight

2 missionaries were at a busy intersection by my house- they were waiting for the light and holding their bikes...I noticed how they kept waving at everyone...I could hear endless honking as cars passed them by- when it was my turn to wave and honk I noticed the big smiles on their face- it made me teary-eyed. Servants of the Lord loved by many- one wonderful advantage of serving a mission in Utah. It was a lovely sight to witness.

Monday, April 14, 2008


more from our trip...I thought Keith and Calie would enjoy this a little- watching your kids frolic in the water- I love how Isaac chickens out at the last minute and Bryon gets out of the way pretty fast but Taylor endures all. The best is hearing Chay giggle as he records this...

A little Sheikra anyone???? This was so incredibly scary- what a thrilling ride I must say... roller coaster...of love.

Friday, April 11, 2008

who's your american idol?

ok so most of you know I love to waste time watching American Idol...I just love it for some reason or maybe I just love to waste time...go ahead Chay's family- you can all gasp for air! I have come to terms that I will never be quite as productive as Chay's sisters and sister n law (Marne) and Bev for that matter (you all amaze me)- but it is ok- they can continue to be mastermind homemakers with their food storage and quilted table runners- and I will watch TV and talk to Emily for 1-2 hours a day, dwell on unfinished projects and play too much with my girls...yes I do believe you can play too much with your children-

so guess who went home last night???? Michael Johns! I embarrassingly admit that I voted for him on Tuesday. I never vote but I just think he is hot. Don't worry- Chay is well aware of my little idol crush....
you see, this Michael Johns kind of reminds me of this guy I knew from college- Brock.- So I dated Brock's brother off and on and I really liked his brother but I think it was fair to say our whole apartment had a secrete crush on Brock. What better college story is there when there are "2 hot brothers living next store" ? ...but then again I have a lot of good college stories....

Ok well goodbye Michael- the rest of the American Idol season won't be nearly as fun without you.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

lo and behold

lo and behold there was poop in the toilet...

yesterday I attempted potty training for the first time in my life...and Kenzie's life too. I have no idea what I am doing but I feel that she is ready. I am sick of buying diapers and size 4 are getting too small and I will not buy size 5 diapers...- many websites recommend "waiting until the child is ready and then it is much easier" -ok so I might agree on it being easier at first...but I'm the parent and I say now is a good time whether they like it or not...sorry but I'm not in the best mood today.

Well I have tried several methods all crammed together which is probably confusing Kenzie. But after many trial and errors and accidents- the best learning method for Kenzie is the "run around bottomless method" just like African tribal babies...and probably the pioneers for all that we know...

oh the Chinese still practice it... click HERE on Emily's blog to see china kids and their bottomless pants.

ok so panties were too similar to diapers for Kenzie so after going through 3 pairs of wet panties and cleaning up puddles of pee- I took them off and told her very seriously that we are supposed to go pee in the toilet. Her next attempt is quite funny. She sat on the toilet and kept saying "book" and pointing to the cabinet under the sink. I open the cabinet and give her my "Better Homes and Garden" magazine- and there she sat like her mommy- reading a magazine while she went to the bathroom.

Well I was ready to give up. She wasn't interested in the reward of stickers on her potty party chart or did she care much about the chocolate chip I would give her when she went- so I didn't think I was was really ready for all of this...and then 1/2 hour later I hear her grunting...my first thought was "Oh my disgusting!!! She doesn't have a diaper or any underwear on!!!!!" Well what do you know??? She was pooping in the toilet!! It was the most beautiful sight I could ever witness! I loved seeing her poop floating in the toilet so effortlessly! Much more delightful than seeing it all smelly and squishy in her diaper. So what a milestone! Don't worry I didn't take a picture of her first poop in the toilet- although it was tempting.

So we continue on with this adventure...I'm not sure what to do about nap time and bedtime. Do I just let her wet the bed until she learns? What do you mommies do? I did make a mistake today- I left the house to go to story time at the library and so I put a diaper on her. I think I am confusing her. I just needed to get out to the house- I was going crazy. But I will be better....

Mckenzie is really growing up. Her vocab is exploding and she is quite the entertainment. Everyday she will say a new word it seems. These last couple of days she will say, "thank you berry much" and "come on honey" She loves to pray and sing "I love to see the Temple" We have to sing it every night before bed. She is also an out of control brat with emotions raging all over the place. She screams suddenly, tells me and Julia to "STOP IT!" She will rage for a good 5 minutes sometimes and then she will be the sweetest angel. This is all new to me. I didn't have any exposure to crazy toddlers growing up. I'm the youngest and so I am completely clueless when it comes to kids. I try, I read, I pray, I play- and so far so normal I think. Anyway-

So the conference upliftment was a little short lived I say- I have been kind of moody and wished I could still be so lovely and positive. I will figure it out someday how to truly change...I think I will be 90 and I will finally be a cool and collected person who simply enjoys every waking moment with peace and faith- but until then....

anyway so I was losing it the other day and I was yelling at Kenzie for doing something and she looked right at me and yelled back "corner!" She pointed to the corner where she usually sits when being naughty. I thought to myself, "you know she is right- I am being naughty" so off I went...to the corner. Kenzie was in total shock but quickly took on the mother role and brushed my hair and said, "it's ok, it's ok" I then apologized for being naughty and asked for her forgiveness. I hope it was granted- I think it was.

so hopefully I stay out of the corner...I didn't like it very much

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Is it really already over??? I want a couple more sessions please.

When President Monson was closing up the first session this morning I thought to myself, "is it just me or does he seem like a totally different person?...it's like he is speaking with so much power and conviction.." I was getting chills all over as he spoke and the spirit bore witness to me that we are so incredibly blessed to have him as our prophet. I know President Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet on earth today. Elder Holland confirmed my feelings when he said President Monson was speaking with the mantle of a prophet. It was so true. Did you all feel it too?

I love general conference and I wish we could have it every 3 months.

Conference makes me:

want to clean my house
have unsurmountable hope in all things
feel special
see worth in everybody
want to be better (that's a given)
feel so privileged to be a member of the church
want to hug my children
get into gear
set my priorities straight
want to say no to busyness and yes to righteousness
want to read the scriptures
want to go to the temple tomorrow
have more spiritual family home evenings
work on my showing Chay how much he means to me
have more patience with my children

what does conference make of you?

I decided to have a question in my heart before conference started and to search for an answer through what the speakers had to say. I was starting to get frustrated because my girls were out of control half the time. Julia is just crabby and Kenzie was getting bored too often. I heard myself say in my head, "why do I even try to watch conference?" Well Elder Ballard's talk obviously gave me strength...he should have spoke at the beginning- Saturday morning! But you know what? Heavenly Father is mindful of me and I did find some answers...despite the chaos of attempting to watch 8 hours of conference this weekend with a 2 year old and an 8 month old...who is crabby- Julia is just a crab! She's a cute little moody stinker who REALLY wants her way or else. But anyway so I feel uplifted and hopeful-

Friday, April 04, 2008

don't do it

ok so well all those years of taking a little spoonful of cookie dough, licking the spoon or the bowl when it comes to brownies and cake batter- finally caught up to me-don't do it. I baked zucchini bread last night and I of course started to lick the spoon. I offered Kenzie a bite and Chay said quickly, "I don't think so- what about salmonella April?" I thought to myself "oh brother" well 2 hours later and through the entire night last night I was buckled over in the worse stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn...and of course Julia is still sick so...I thought I was going to die!!! I am still queasy and weak but I feel a little better...Chay gave me a blessing and stayed home all morning so I could sleep. No more cake batter...just say no.