Friday, January 21, 2011

6 months

Xander at 6 months- oh please don't mind the poor lighting, crappy camera, un-skilled photographer, super grainy blur problems...

Xander is still so ADORABLE!

I'm so in love with my little boy.

photoshoot after church...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

silhouette? That's a pretty word.

ok, so I have NEVER EVER advertised a giveaway on this blog.

I kind of just don't want to do that, you know?

But today I am. Just for that extra silly entry. Because I really want this Cricut wannabe thingy. I think I would like it...Or maybe it would just sit in a corner in my basement and gather dust for years- still, regardless, I want to win it.

So the giveaway is found here: I'm too lazy to link it- plus I don't want you to enter the giveaway because it lessens my chances- duh!

I never win at these blog giveaway things...but I have won things maybe...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

my green drink

ok, most of you know I drink the "green drink"

It's official name is Supergreens.

I drink 1-4 of these a day.

I found the following video today on YouTube and it pretty much sums up how I feel about my green drink.

Supergreens is very international- I have the same supergreens water bottle as this happy man.

Please don't listen to the whole thing unless you are super bored. But the first 30 seconds or so is good enough to get the picture. All I can say to this man: "I agree, I completely agree"

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

weigh in wednesday and vein update

We've been sort of "fluey" lately. So we've been doing a lot of this lately:

Well it's been about 15 days since I had the angioplasty done on my jugular veins. How do I feel? Well so far I can now do a back flip off my I'm definitely improving.

ok for reals: I feel generally good. subtle changes. My joints are not nearly as stiff as they were before...I feel a little stronger. I've been working out at the gym and I'm pretty sure my left side feels stronger too. I feel more confident about working out. Usually when I try to do any form of strenuous exercise I'm extremely sore for weeks afterwards. I'm not sore or stiff. Amazing. That part is amazing. Could I actually be athletic again? Like play a game of pick-up basketball without killing me over?

I don't know...but I'm hopeful.

I still 100% believe diet has a lot to do with ultimate health- even with my veins partially blocked, diet still helped tremendously. I know that eliminating dairy, wheat (not sprouted), and sugar have helped me feel more energy and feel ALIVE. I know, sounds funky and weird. What? No milk, no wheat? yes, that is right.

Chay knows when I'm eating and treating my body well...because I'm more fun to be around and I giggle. At night. A lot. In bed. Over stupid things.

ok weigh in wednesday- remember that???? Trust me I didn't forget.

Well today I weighed in at 165. So that is about 23 lbs so far since Xander was born- which is so weird because I can't really tell I've lost any weight. I still look in the mirror with an "oh dear" every time. But according to Chay I've always been perfect...I just think it's the bigger than normal boobs he's a fan of- like any man. But for the record, I'm still super fun to hug. I'm the 'go-to' for that perfect snuggle. Squishy and delightful.

So what am I doing to lose weight? I eat lots and lots of coconut toasted marshmallows. All day. Have you ever had those things??? so good.

ok seriously...Well Joette got me on the "" kick and I love it.

I normally can't stand counting calories- and the whole point thing from Weight Watchers drives me up the wall. - but what is different about My Fitness pal is that I'm connected to family and friends who are trying to get in shape as well- it's like facebook but for weight loss and exercising. It helps me stay motivated- and it requires me to log in every day. It seems to be working I suppose. So there's my plug for

Now where's my leg warmers?