Monday, April 25, 2011

beatboxing cellist?

ok, this was pure entertainment- loved it. You have to watch the whole thing...

Joette, you will love this- a little inspiration for you to start playing the cello again. Maybe you could play the cello and beatbox to Eminem's "two trailer park girls go round the outside" when we go camping this summer.

inside joke.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How could anyone deny there is a God?

Yesterday I was weeding the flowerbed...AGAIN. I was loving my almost-ready-to-bloom tulips. I thought to myself, "these tulips were created just for us to enjoy, to make the world beautiful, to welcome in Spring. I don't think they would taste good and you can't really use their petals to make clothing. They are for us to enjoy. Thank you Heavenly Father for tulips."

The scripture came to mind, "Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Luke 12:27

Then I remembered the words Chay said to me once when we were looking up at the stars one night, "How can anyone see this and deny there is a God?"

Chay and I met in Rexburg, Idaho.

A small-small-in-the-middle-of-nowhere town in Southern Idaho that so happens to have the best University in the world. I love BYU-Idaho! I treasure my experience and education from BYU-Idaho.

Anyway, so since most Mormon college students don't drink alcohol, they must be super creative in Rexburg and find ways to entertain themselves instead of being a lush for 4 years. Hence, a large percentage graduate from the university learning to play the guitar, taking the "Social Dance" class, become temporary spelunkers, loving the Sand Dunes and married.

While still dating, Chay and I went with another couple to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes to build a fire and roast marshmallows. My shoe also happened to catch fire that night.

But besides burning a hole in my favorite pair of shoes...

Since we were in the middle of nowhere the night's sky was breathtaking. Chay and I laid on the soft sand and looked up at stars, the millions of stars, everywhere- so bright. Then Chay said something that I will never forget.

"How could anyone see this and deny there is a God?"

Now, I know at the time he was trying to win me over...but...still...

it must have worked...and after 7 almost 8 years of marriage I love to look at the stars with Chay. Chay really loves the stars...not as much as motorcycles, but still, he loves a great night sky. So when I found this video, I couldn't wait to show him.

My thoughts when I watched it for the first time "How could anyone watch this and deny there is a God?"

This is real footage by the way. It's a time-lapse video with hours of footage sped up to display this gorgeous earth's movements. So AWESOME!...and I don't mind the piano music one bit.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

homeschool preschool

Kenzie is 5.

Here is her 5th birthday cake I frosted for her.

Yes, a pink princess cake.
Any 5 year old girl's dream cake, right?
Her words upon seeing it for the first time, "oh Mom, it's just perfect!"
I was suddenly not so worried the cake wasn't all flawless and fondant frilly. Children invite simpleness back to life...if we let them.

At least the cake tasted good, right? Oh blessed buttercream frosting, I promise to never replace you.

ok, Kenzie luckily "oh phew" luckily turned 5 in December- so I was the luckiest Mom in the world to be able to keep her home another year since she missed or made (however you look at it) the cut off date for Kindergarten...August 31st or whatever. She made the cut off in my book. She got to stay home one more year with me and most especially, she got to stay home with Julia.

So I know most mothers out there love the preschool thing...and I learned real fast its becoming the norm. Where have I been? I think preschool is exciting, cute, great and fun and whatever. But unless I change my mind down the road, preschool is at home- with me. Because that's the way we do it around these Clark parts.

Plus, who's to say being home with Mommy isn't as fun as preschool anyway? My Kenzie isn't missing out on ANYTHING if you want my opinion...not even on those darn "social skills"...

What, talking to Mom and sister all day doesn't cut it anymore for a 4 or 5 year old's social skills to develop?

So since preschool is suppose to prepare a child for Kindergarten...I have made it pretty challenging for Kenzie at home...

Maybe I'm being too demanding with my children's education. Here are some skills Kenzie has acquired since we started her on her extensive preschool regimen:

Placing carrot nose on face of a snowman...with precision. Art Skills

carefully inserting raisin in baby's mouth- eye-hand coordination

make believing with best friend for hours on end- creative thinking

licking sunbeams- who knew, right? The 5 senses

supervising Jasmine's treacherous climb up the cliffs of Shadow Mountain... with dental floss- recreational education

Mothering skills-

Resolving conflicts and communication skills with this Chica

Oh and let's see...what else are we learning at home for preschool

ABC's: "Girls, I need to pay the bills- go watch Leap Frog will ya?"

Fractions: Mom: "um...I can't seem to find my 1/2 cup measuring cup AGAIN...but guess what? 1/4 c. + 1/4 c. works too- so on we go to making cookies." (cooking & baking teaches children a lot of things)

Foreign Language: Dora the Explorer. Abra Abra la porta. and some gibberish in Portuguese from mommy and daddy

Social Studies "I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day America, to one republic, under God, Amen." I kid you not, came directly out of Kenzie's mouth. A little confused...but we're working on that. Laughed all day about that one.

Physical Education: The ever so often "Duck Duck Goose" and Ballet performances in the front room in hand-me-down tutus that are dreadfully too small...

Zoology Field Trip: watching the river flow and talking about fish and why people kayak

Botany: collecting dandelions and putting them in mommy's hair, planting snap peas together, weeding the flowerbed (my girls think weeding is fun- we'll see how long that lasts)

You see, little kids are happy in the moment. They don't know what they're missing until they know what they're missing. The magical thing about little kids is their life is lived in the NOW. So reading a book together or making jello, or folding laundry- it doesn't matter, because it's fun and the child isn't dwelling on the fact "oh I wish I was singing the ABC's at some preschool right now." They just like life... for the most part. I learned real quick that it wasn't necessary for me to put the girls in dance class yet when I knew they were having just as much fun dancing around in the living room, in the backyard, at the park...for free!

They are still so young...what's the rush April?

The girls are learning what they're supposed to be learning, right? How to be a kid!

Now the usual preschool stuff like numbers, counting, seasons, shapes, ABC's, writing, reading...we do that fun stuff too obviously. But most of that kind of learning comes naturally from just living life and spending time together...

And I'm sure as the girls get older they will be more involved in extra thingys that require me to drive them around to places- but for now...for this little short time in their lives- they are hanging out with Mommy- ALL DAY LONG.

"Skip the drama Stay with mama" ~Thank you Mother Gothel (anyone else Tangled out?)

One of my favorite quotes from my IDOL forever: Marjorie Hinckley

"Find joy in your children. Don't overschedule them or yourself. You may not be able to take them on exotic vacations. It doesn't matter. When the day dawns bright and sunny, take an excursion to the canyon or the park. When it's cloudy and wet, read a book together or make something good to eat. Give them time to explore and learn about the feel of grass and the wiggliness of worms." -Marjorie Hinckley

See why she's my idol?

Oh to be more like Marjorie...

So, anyone else out there do "preschool" at home? Why?