Saturday, June 28, 2014


I am resilient. I figured that out about me this past week. I put a name to it. I am resilient. I do get down at times but I somehow climb out with renewed strength. I never give up even when I have failed a gazillion times. I like that about me.

thoughts/brainstorm of mine

No matter what,
there is always hope.
It's never too late.
There's always a way.
It can be done.
Eventually it will get better.
God will provide the means.
Never too old to learn and
never too young to understand.
I will get through this.
I know there's a solution.
The Lord will compensate.
The Lord will bless me.
This too shall pass.
Tired is for later.
Figure it out.
I am strong.
I am resilient.

Spiritually resilient to become strong and seek the Lord's help when doubt sneaks in.
Physically resilient to never accept poor health and to treat the body like a temple.
Emotionally resilient to look at discouragement in the face and know it hinders progression.
Find a solution, trust.
Victory not victim.


*We are working on a Clark Family Mission Statement and the word "Resilience" hit me with a thump to the heart. I was talking about it with my sister in laws last week and then I just knew, I just knew, resilience has to be one the main words- to the theme of our family.

Wow April, this feels so right.