Sunday, November 27, 2011

being grateful in November

I'm not kidding.

Starting November 1st our life was seriously um..."blessed"...for the entire month. I was all in the "gratitude" mood for Thanksgiving and all-- and then the real test began...and to be honest I wasn't always a 100% grateful like I wish I could have been...I've cried many tears... feeling pretty sorry for myself. But I decided to see the lemonade, silver lining, or whatever and do all I can to be grateful for this here is my attempt:

I am thankful for the flat tire on the way to school. We walked home just Kenzie and I. Despite the fact of a flat tire, I got to spend some one on one time with Kenzie. We walked passed the Bishop's house and he said we could pick all the tomatoes we could hold. Chay was home that day sick but it still made the day run more smooth.

I am grateful I got a ticket for having the wrong plates on my car. I was dropping off Kenzie at school and I hurried out the door without my license and proof of insurance. The cop was considerate at least and only got me for the plates. Luckily we found the lost title that night and were able to finally get the car registered. Silly mistake.

I am thankful I backed up into a 2011 Hummer at Kenzie's school. I crunched the driver's door. The lady of the Hummer was one the nicest people I have ever met. She quickly apologized for being parked illegally. She gave me a hug and said "the next time we see each let's wave at each other, we are now friends." She taught me so much about love and forgiveness...and I was the one who smashed in her car???

I am grateful the library called me and told me a book I returned was "colored" on and that I now have to buy the book for $17.99! It happened to be the stupidest book ever. I am grateful Xander loves books and loves to color. (I had a hard time being grateful for this one)

I am grateful Xander puked and pooped all over his crib and face. Yes his face. At least I know his body fights hard to get rid of ickies. At least there wasn't diarrhea on the walls. I think I cried when I walked into his room to find the mess. I kind of just froze for a second.

I am grateful Kenzie puked into the toilet. Yes, I am really grateful for that. She was my number #1 puker! She insisted she sleep in the bathroom so she could be close to the toilet.

I am grateful Chay didn't actually die from an entire night of throwing up and diarrhea. He sounded absolutely horrible. Second time this month being sick.

I am grateful Chay lost his voice for 3 or so days. Wow what a difference whispering can make in a home. Disciplining with a whisper proves to be so much more effective :) It was hard to be grateful for his horrific cough. But we did happen to find the best cough drops ever. Fisherman's Friend extra strength cough drops.

I am grateful I lost a huge sale with Shelf Reliance. My heart kind of sunk at the time and it was just "one more thing" to deal with but I realized quickly that "life can blow" and I should just get on with living. There's a reason for everything I suppose.

I am grateful Julia puked all over our car. She could have puked somewhere worse like on my breakfast. She remembered the next car ride to grab a towel. I was so proud that her second round of puking went right into the towel. Way to go champ! I am so grateful my car smelled like throw up. It gave me a chance to disinfect the car and find lost toys under the seat.

I am grateful my nephew Taylor made it to State Championships in Boise. I really hoped he would make it just so I could go to his game and SUPPORT him...because I love him so so so much. We went to Boise and he won. It was the best game ever. I was starting to feel a little sick at the game but I told the sickies to "get lost" and they listened.

I am grateful the next day in Boise I totaled Chay's car because it taught me to be more careful. I rear ended my BROTHER of all people going sort of fast. I am grateful I hit Keith and not someone malicious. I am grateful I was wearing a seat belt. Joette wasn't. She got hurt. But I am grateful she wasn't hurt horribly. I am grateful for car seats. Xander was fine. I am grateful for airbags, for a calm brother, kind cops, Calie's hugs, and strangers who care for others.

I am grateful for my big hefty misdemeanor ticket. Um...let's see. This could be a hard one...well it could be worse- like negligent...

I am grateful for Chad and Marne (Chay's brother and wife) for teaching me how to be the most kind most comfortable most loving hosts in the world. It was home away from home.

I am grateful we had to rent a one way rental that cost an arm and a leg to get back home. The car ride was quiet and comfortable and had a great sound system. I found Solveig's "The Ultimate Break-up" CD she made for me after my heart was broken a long long time ago. It was so fun to listen to. It was a good way to shut out reality and completely ignore all our problems for 5 hours.

(I am kind of stretching this one) I am grateful we have to buy a new car now....hmmmm....ok no, this really sucks...weren't planning for this one at all. Ummmm. maybe there is a reason- that we will find out later in life...or something.

I am grateful my insurance premiums will go through the roof. I will now be the best driver in the world for the next 3-5 years.

I am grateful that we woke up to a dead battery and flat tire again on our Suburban. At least it happened at home and not somewhere far away.

I am grateful that Kenzie failed her eye exam at school. At least we can catch something early.

I am grateful that Chay is driving 100 miles a day to work and back in our Suburban until we find a new car for him. Grateful he is driving a safe car. Not grateful so much for how much it costs to drive that beast but at least we have an extra car to rely on during this whole fiasco.

I am grateful for kind friends who have been willing to take and pick up Kenzie from school until we find a car. I am surrounded by angels. I have the best friends near me. They would do anything for me and I them. I am so lucky.

My trials show me how blessed I truly am. Isn't that weird? I am so lucky to be going through them with a husband by my side. I am grateful that my trials make me appreciate service and charity towards others. I love how my trials teach me to work harder, be more responsible, to buck-up and to find a path of solutions. I love how my trials make me adore people more. I am also grateful to know that I will be able to help and address other people's needs who go through similar poopy things like we have gone through.

Wow. I can do hard things. With God, I can do hard things.

But um, hey December. Don't even think about it ok? Give me a break will ya?



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

anniversary dinner

Tonight at the restaurant I began to tell Chay about my day. We were alone for once. The food was good.

I started to tell Chay about how I was helping Maria make pumpkin pies today and how she didn't have any ground cloves and that I was supposed to use pumpkin pie spice instead but the ginger and cinnamon were already added by mistake so I had to walk over to Cami's house and borrow some ground cloves...

and then I stopped in the middle of my story and looked at Chay...he was sort of just staring at me...kind of lost in my story but really trying to listen and I just started to laugh so hard...I was wheezing I was laughing so hard. I could hardly speak but I managed to get the words out in my uncontrollable laughter "I'm telling you the most boring story in the world and you're trying so hard to listen."

Chay started to laugh with me. He admitted my story was pretty lame.

We then ate some pie. He got Lemon, I got Coconut Cream. He let me have a bite of his, I forgot to share any of mine with him.

We then started to giggle about the man in the booth kitty-corner to us who was trying to clear his throat or politely hock up stuff. The man's efforts weren't successful. The embarrassing sounds were every 5-10 seconds. We were timing them.

I was then so excited to tell Chay that I read the other day on that the word "loogie" is actually slang for slang- originating from the slang saying "lung cookie" I knew that would make Chay laugh...and it did. 

But then I started to get kind of grossed out. 

We of course talked about the storm of trials that have come upon us this last month...and we sort of chuckled about our life. 
I told Chay: "Faith precedes the miracle and Heavenly Father will help us get through this." 
Chay told me: "I think the waitress just winked at me"
I told Chay: "She didn't wink at you, she has fake eyelashes and they're starting to droop"

We talked about pie, cars, and getting older. I jokingly talked about selling cheese balls for money. 

We left the restaurant not saying much more. The car ride was mostly quiet until we got home. 

Safe. Content. Peace. Comfortable. Interesting. Fun. Love. Commitment. Forever.   

I love you Chay. Happy 8 years.  

Saturday, November 05, 2011

still so much good

I get super anxious reading the much crap going on everywhere. BUT THERE IS STILL SO MUCH GOOD everywhere as well...

oh my...LOVE THIS!!! This is just great. You have to watch the whole thing. Flash mob singing at its best. I started crying too when the guy proposed.