Wednesday, July 29, 2009


this picture is my favorite favorite picture...

I stayed up until 2 o' clock the other night studying "angels" and what every prophet and apostle has ever said about them- it was fascinating...

This picture reminds me of mom...

and the work she still has here on earth- only unseen this time and from above.

"When the Angels come" by Clark Kelley Price

Thursday, July 23, 2009

helllth I am finally feeling better. What a blessing. My toes are still numb...but I would take numb toes any day over how I felt a few weeks ago. Thanks to all those who were concerned and prayed for me.

I'm a paper route delivery fool again.

In a sick twisted sort of way I love my paper route. It is sort of addicting. I love the mornings, the exercise, the nice folks who wave hello...I'm a "regular" in the neighborhood now and so I get treated ever so kindly. The dentist guy always stops his morning run to say a quick hello and the lady who is ALWAYS in her garage painting or fixing something says hello often too...there is the jogger lady who NEVER misses a day of running who is so nice and sweet...I just really like it. I HATE it when my alarm goes off in the morning...but once I am up and out the door, I get that little early morning I go.

I have been on a health overhaul these past 2 weeks. I just have to be healthy. I just have to be...Not to be skinny, not to look good in jeans (although that is always nice) but if I want to accomplish what I want to accomplish in this life I have to be a little more strict with my body than most. My body is a gift really. The promptings of the Holy Ghost have been very for the most part I have turned all my eating around...and I am starting to feel good again. ENERGY! I love it when I feel like getting off the couch to do laundry. I usually have to talk myself into it because I feel so wasted! And for those who know me or grew up with me...know I'm not a "wasted" person. I love to move and do- and so that is why MS has been so depressing at times...but no more. Here I go. again.

For those of you who wonder what I eat to feel great- I eat an alkaline diet 90% of the day- if you are interested- google it- it has been the key to my "climbing out" of the slums of MS. I also supplement and I GREEN DRINK it baby!

I am reading a book that is encouraging. It is called "Healing Multiple Sclerosis" It is written by a lady who claims to have healed herself from MS through diet and herbs and such...everyone is different I believe- but her book gives me hope...

One day while reading the book, I came across the following paragraph and it brought me to tears (of course)...suddenly everything made sense to me...and I felt that I was supposed to read these words as a gift from on high.

"One day I realized that health was a choice and that on an unconscious level I had chosen this disease as a way of discovering my own worth. That recognition took my breath away. The next natural realization was, "I now have the power to choose a healthy body."" Ann Boroch

good stuff wouldn't you say???

My lesson on Sunday is on 'adversity' and it amazes me how the crappier life can get at times...the more we grow...Can't I just grow and learn by just having a perfect, healthy, no problem, no heartache, no loss, no pain life????

I would be a pretty dull person if that were the case- as would most of us...

Bring it on helllth.

I feel hopeful today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sweet child of mine

I married a man who loves butt rock.

We landed an electric guitar a couple years ago that was given to us so graciously by greg and emily. Since then the butt rock passion has come to the next level in our home.

Chay can play the beginning riff of Guns and Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" like a mad man. That is however the only part of the song he knows how to play...but do you honestly need to know how to play any other part of that song??? I mean seriously.

So sometimes songs pop into my head throughout the day...and I think Chay also had the Guns and Roses CD playing when we went for a Costco run tonight. Anyway so tonight I was singing "Sweet Child of Mine" to Kenzie, (who is, by the way, a sweet child of mine) while cleaning up the kitchen. Minutes later I heard Kenzie's own attempt at singing "Sweet Child of Mine"- on perfect tune and even with the high pitch Axl Rose voice she sang, "hey hey sweet Child of God!!!!" -It was so funny, so random, so perfect, so three-year-old of her to sing that...

So now...the lyrics have suddenly changed for the better in this household...Guns and Roses have now become a spiritual beacon in our family...and you long as the principle is being taught...- just please keep our "Sweet Child of God" song at home Kenzie, no requests for it in primary singing time please...not exactly the most reverent approach to learning our divinity through music.

Family picture: This is the only recent family picture I have...Hey Tiffani...I think you have a better shot of this...where we are all actually looking at the camera besides just me?????

We are in desperate need of a real family picture. I am so excited to see JANNA in September...

life is good...keeping busy...I'm redoing or finally finishing the master bedroom...and it is taking forever of course. Walls are painted, closet doors are hung and molding/trim was nailed in tonight...the living room is our new bedroom....what a mess! pictures soon to come!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I can't believe stuff grows when I plant it.

it's a miracle really.

I have been working outside a lot lately... pretending that I know what I am doing...messing with flowers...and my garden. I have so many tomato plants...they were all the ones I started from seed back in March and they all grew big on me and now I don't have the heart to throw them away or give them away- they are like my children.

So if you live near me...expect some tomatoes to be found on your front porch...and no I will not can my tomatoes. No mason jars are found at this household...the thought of canning stresses me out. It is just so much easier to buy canned tomatoes from the store when they go on sale. I like to freeze things...that is about it.

I love seeing my girls going to town on freshly picked peppers and snap peas were a hit too. I feel like Eve when I play in my garden. I would love to live off the land...can you imagine a life of eating only garden food?

Eve must have been beautiful...

and Adam too for that he worked hard at the sweat of his own brow...dang...definitly hot.

I love my little backyard. It is our little oasis get away. Shaded for most of the day with our huge tree-...we build forts, have snacks, dig, color, swim...slide. We went to the dump a couple months dump junk obviously- but I found a kid's slide sitting on the ground- perfect! and I also picked up 8 big planters pots for all my tomato plants...TREASURES. I felt like my dad for a quick moment.

Dad always comes home from the dump with some found treasure. Like that one time... a big box full of used purses... Mom: "Where on earth did you get all those ugly purses" Dad: "the dump...some of them are really nice" The box of purses stayed in our garage for about 5 years until one day Mom secretly threw them away.

what's going on in your backyard?