Thursday, September 06, 2007

ju ju

We were trying to teach Mckenzie how to say Julia's name the other far she only calls her "baby"- well in all our efforts to teach Kenzie her new sister's name out came a cute "ju ju"

Well Julia is somewhat better I think...depending on the day. But overall I would say she cries a little less. I found a website and the advice seemed to help a little. She actually has moments now when she is awake and not crying. Little steps...I am just looking forward to the day when she isn't in pain anymore and we can just have a normal day. She is a joy nonetheless- with her big infected eyes staring up at me reminding me she is innocent and pure.

Here is a little video of her for you to enjoy- I swear I see a little smile- but knowing her it is probably gas.


Marne said...

She is beautiful April! I called you today to thank you for the note and button column you sent me...thanks! I loved it! Made my day! Glad Julia is doing better!

EDK said...

This made me cry...she has changed so much already!!! What a beautiful child. I don't think I can wait until Christmas to see her. Maybe I will sneak down in October sometime! I love you guys!

Calie said...

What a neat thing you can do so that we can all see her. SHe is adorable. Thank you for sharing herf with us. Love you April

Chay said...

Let me just tell the whole "blog world" that my wife is the greatest. Just to give you an idea....picture a "super mom" multiply that by at least 300...Now you have a glimpse of how awesome my wife is. Raising 2 girls and a husband takes a very very special lady. Lucky me...that lady is my wife. I love you April.