Sunday, October 28, 2007


People can be just... so disconnected sometimes. This holiday is just down right freaky. I can deal with pumpkins, hay bails, and dress up- but when your neighbor has a 10 foot Grim Reaper on his roof with his 15 foot scythe in hand you know there's got to be something wrong.

It was at Smith's grocery store that really did it for me- about a month and half ago we made a trip to Smith's to get milk or something. I parked our grocery cart in front of the cashier stands so I could dig through my diaper bag. I was in search of my wallet or a coupon I can't remember but...I noticed Kenzie was staring without a blink at this Halloween decoration which was a life size fake man sitting on a pile of candy with his eyes tightly shut. Kenzie was studying him out wondering if the man was real or not. She leaned in closely when suddenly the man's eyes pop open- and if that's not bad enough- he then goes about to rip his head off his shoulders- Happy Halloween oh my gosh!- Kenzie turned white and didn't say a word and then three seconds later turned beet red and just screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. Huge tears dripped down her cheeks as she covered her eyes with her small hands. She demanded me with open arms to get her out of that shopping cart and hold her tightly. Which I did of course. I held her with all my might and kept saying, "I know Halloween is insane, that was just freaky, I'm here for you Kenz" After we got in the car she went silent for once after crying for a good 15 minutes. She then didn't say a word or make a peep for 2 hours afterwards. I was worried sick about her. That night Chay gave her a blessing of comfort.

If it is scary to children then maybe it should be for us too. Put it all away please. Take down your ridiculous mummy's and skeletons in your front yards, your machetes, axes, bloody swords, Grim Reapers, and your bloody tombstones- I don't like it and either does my daughter.

People just turn numb and become so stupid this time of the year. Now imagine me saying this instead of just reading this- with my eyes open wide "People are insane during Halloween!"

Today we drove through a beautiful well kept neighborhood. It was enjoyable to say the least because of the Fall colors and such but then it was all ruined when we drove past a house that had a mummy in the front yard stabbing something dead under a bloody sheet. I immediately thought "Is that honestly a Halloween decoration? Did someone actually take the time to set this up in their front yard as a way to celebrate? Is this for real?" It was worse than watching CSI. I bet that is where they got the idea. It is like once a year Halloween gives people the permission to be literally messed up. I mean do people actually giggle and sing songs when they are draping dismembered body parts all over their trees? Do they reminice about fond memories when they are setting up "Headless Harry" with an ax stabbed through his heart? a little quirky I'd say-

Love casteth out all fear- If you crave being scared or crave scaring others than maybe you should question yourself...because if love casteth out all fear than fear must cast out all love....don't want to go there.

So besides the scary icky stuff, teeth rotting insulin sky rocketing from candy overload, the ok on girls dressing immodestly because it is part of their so-called "costume", the wasted money spent on costumes and candy, and the ridiculously horrid haunted houses... Halloween could be ok I guess if you feel like carving a pumpkin or two and dunking for an apple...but honestly it is one holiday we can all do away with.


Marne said...

We all have different takes on Halloween, don't we? I know people that LOVE it, it is their favorite holiday. I heard on the news Halloween is the second money grossing holiday, right behind Christmas. I personally favor the decorated pumpkins and more mild decor as well...I hate to be scared!

Tami said...

I know I don't like Halloween that much (it all started when I was young and wore dumb customes - some of you may have heard my stories before) But I'm with you April, it seems a little ridiculous! I do like some of it like Marne. Clayton is going to love Halloween this year... getting candy - what can be better? Last year he was sick and had to stay home, but he liked seeing everyone come over and trick or treat!