Thursday, November 01, 2007


ok well I have had enough-

I have a sensitive body and I have been treating it poorly. I feel cloudy, weak, drained and so not together.

Lately bad food has been my friend. Whenever I am bored or anxious or the kids are crying and I can't seem to take it I go straight to the fridge or cupboards for some emotional support. Oh tortilla chip please take me away to a different place...

anyone relate? well the whisperings get louder and it is time to not ignore it anymore...I need to get back on track with my health. I have had too many priesthood blessings warning me about this that I just can't ignore it anymore. Oh it is so hard.

I have a baby blues know what I mean- dealing with the big change of motherhood can play a number on the body and emotionally it always leads me to numb it all out with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches- (an all time favorite)

so today is November 1. What a great day to start it all- For me it isn't a lifestyle change as much as it is an emotional change which means to dig down to the core of my overeating stay at home mommy syndrome-... - so it is more of figuring out why I eat when I am not particularly hungry and then filling up my day with goals, work around the house, projects, scripture reading- instead of filling up my mouth with granola bars and cereal.

Heavenly Father will help...eating throughout the day is kind of a state of numbing for me-I just kind of want to ignore real life sometimes and not deal with it- also I kind of get lost to what I should do each day- bored because I am not prepared. Do you ever get the itching for something to eat when you aren't hungry and just feel like munching? Well I do and basically it's a hole we're trying to fill- either chemically, hormonally, emotionally, spiritually,- the same goes with other things...spending money/shopping for no reason is interesting to explore...our holes...and how we attempt to fill them...and we all know only Christ can make us truly whole. Take away hole for whole...ok back to my original point- sorry it is late and so I tend to ramble when I am tired.

ok so here I go. First step to detox is getting rid of all sugar besides fruit and cutting out wheat. Sorry any hardcore traditionalists out there- I know "wheat is for man" but wheat and mostly white flour can be a drug to me- very addicting and so heavy. I always feel gross after I eat it but yet I always want more...

I weigh let's see 167 and my goal is to get down to my old pre-julia weight 140 or at least fit into my old jeans the way I used to. Yes you all know my weight- but you are half the motivation. I tell you then suddenly I have a crowd and I always played the best basketball games when the crowd was excited and supportive. I will check in daily. The first 2 weeks are always the hardest- my body will crave ickies for awhile- but it is kind of like labor- hard yet you know it will all be worth it.

I will however have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving- that is an obvious.


EDK said...


EDK said...

I loved your quote from Thomas S. Monson!

EDK said...

Can you tell I had Chemo yesterday? I cannot sleep!

Marne said...

Great post April!

Food is my drug of choice also. :) I loved the way you put it makes us feel and why we do feelings explained perfectly! You are right...the first 2 weeks are always the hardest! Maybe that is why I have been starting my 2 weeks over and least I am trying I guess. Good job! I hopeI can get down to 167...then I would be cheering!

joette said...

APRIL!! I started Nov 1st also!! How cool is that and we didn't even know the other was doing it. My big thing is that I can go all day pretty steady. I have a great small filling breakfast. A nice lunch. I never munch munch munch all day because I'm at school but when I arrive home at the end of the night I just start eating and eating. Emotionally I think it is because I dont want tomorrow to come sometimes. I like to hold on to today... because it was a great day or something like that. Sleep means starting over and I dont like starting over sometimes... I dont know I really have no idea why I do these things...Its horrible. So as of yesterday I will not eat after 9. I am also getting rid of sugars. I'm going by the holidays now. Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving and crepes Christmas morning. This should be sufficient and something to look forward to. (: OPERATION DETOX!! Let's do this.