Saturday, December 15, 2007


On the second day of Christmas I decided to give the gift of trying new things-
velvet red cake with cream cheese frosting- not perfect but so fun and delicious

and I did Kenzie's hair- I've always wanted to do this to her hair...sorry the picture is so off centered- she kept moving.


Marne said...

Oh delish! I have always wanted to try red velvet cake...can I come over? Kenzie's hair is so cute...I wish Lacy had more so I could do that with her hair. I will need lots of pointers.

joette said...

WOW that cake looks so GOOD!!

Jeff Thurgood said...

Lookin' good April! You will have to teach Tami how to do hair when we have a girl. (no, that is NOT an announcement) :)

Tami said...

looks beautiful! Wow! Good job and the cake made my mouth water!!