Thursday, January 10, 2008

to orlando we come

Mom calls it that last hurrah- one BIG family celebration for our mom.

Dad is taking the entire family to Disney World for 8 days. We leave in a month. We will all be together away from home in one big exciting atmosphere. Can you believe it? This is so dang exciting. This will be so wonderful. This again proves how positive my mom is...her strength is helping us cope, helping us to focus on what's good and happy in her short time left here on earth.

So today I was searching for some good deals on park tickets for mom. I decided to check Orlando's Craig's list to see if someone there was selling them for cheap. I found one guy who had a bunch for sale. I called him and we talked for awhile. It was obvious that I could find a better deal somewhere else than what he had to offer but he was so polite. He started to give me advice about the best places to go and see. I somehow told him my mom was sick and will probably die from cancer. I explained this is her wish- to have us all together on a fantastic vacation for the last time. He then asked me what my mother's name was and how to spell it. I told him with a little hesitation thinking "this is kind of weird" then he said, "I will pray for your mom, Edie Kaye." I was so touched. There are so many good people out there. Here some random guy from Orlando, Florida selling tickets on Craig's list taught me a simple lesson on faith and prayer. I'm so grateful for that phone call.

Well it's the "year of a million dreams" I can't wait!

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Marne said...

Chad told me about this tonight, Chay told him. I am so happy for you, what a special bonding time for your family. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories. You will have so much fun! What a generous thing for your dad to do.