Sunday, January 27, 2008

we thank Thee

We thank Thee O God for a prophet.

As I knelt in prayer tonight the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Our prophet is back home with Thee now. How wonderful it must be to have him in Thy presence. We loved him so dearly."

So I'm emotional and so is my mom and so is my sister...we all cried together as we rejoiced over President Hinckley's amazing life. Every time the choir would sing "God be with you till we meet again" at the end of each conference I would just bawl like a baby knowing this might be the last conference with President Hinckley. I know he was a prophet of God.

Mckenzie is only 2. He will only be a picture and a name to her...I will have to tell her how strong and simple he was. How funny he was- how many temples were built because of him, how much he loved his wife Marjorie...He was a man of faith- never doubting. He will be missed greatly.

Oh interesting isn't it? It breaks our hearts in every way, leaves a void in our life-and yet we know somehow that it is wonderful and an essential part of the plan.

goodbye our dear prophet.


Marne said...

Perfectly said April. I couldn't agree more.

Taylor said...

"we thank thee o god for our prophet..."

Taylor said...

I really liked how you had the "we thank thee o god for our prophet" it really tied in with how we thank him so much for everything that he did. I really liked him.

Taylor said...

Hey if you are needing any help- "how you commented me" -
I can lend a hand anytime.
im sorry that i comment to much­»I just really love you♥

(>o.o)> *here is a hug*

Anonymous said...

I cried when I first heard the news, but then I thought of the wonderful reunion that he most surely had with his dear Marjorie. It just gives me chills of joy. He is such a wonderful man, and will always be very dear to my heart. He has been such a huge part of my life. Even though I never met him in person, everytime I saw him or heard him speak, I felt like I knew him! I can truly say, "He was my prophet!" He will be dearly missed!!!!

EDK said...

Thanks, April. I know that all day long BYUTV has had stories about his life, comments from his children and many others...and my dish has been out on that channel due to the heavy snow storm this week. It made me sad...I just wanted to soak everything in about his life. He will be missed, he accomplished so very much with his life. When you know you are not going to be around for long, you start to ask yourself what have you done that was worthwhile. Me compared to his remarkable life...not much. But a friend pointed out that He had that mantle and was chosen before he was born for just such a mission.He will be missed, but I am glad he is home.

The Checks Mix said...

I love you April! And I love to hear your testimony of the prophet. My heart aches and is so happy for him at the same time. You couldn't have expressed your feelings better.