Thursday, February 07, 2008

ok regardless of how we might say we don't like these email forward survey things you know deep down inside they are fun to read from family and friends and fun to fill out- if you have the time that is- so I am actually replying joette and even posting this so other friends and family can fill it out and post it if they want- I just like to read about other people's lives-

1. What time is it? 9:28
2. What's your full name? April Eileen Tomblin Clark
3.What are you most afraid off? starting new things, losing a child, failure, not getting the most out of life,
4.What is the most recent movie that you have seen in the theater? I seriously can't remember...I can't even remember the last theatre I went to
5.Place of birth? Spokane, Washington
6.Favorite food? oh gosh anything- I like Mexican the best but really anything with pumpkin
7.What is your natural hair color? brown- but it is getting darker as we speak
8.Ever been to Alaska? Nope, but I'd like to go one day I guess
9.Ever been toilet papering? too many times- oh the good ol days
10.Love someone so much it made you cry? I'm a mother what do you think? I cry over people I don't know.
11.Been in a car accident? oh my we rolled three times, I hit sheri once and Jim Stroh once...
12.Croutons or bacon bits? I do like the crunch in my salad but would prefer sunflower seeds with peas..snap snap
13.Favorite day of the week?- everyday is the same besides Sunday- so I like Sundays! I get out of the house!
14.Favorite restaurant?- it used to be sizzlers, I want to say the Braza Grill but I've never been there- I need to get out more- I would like to try something new...hmmmm too expensive. I would rather cook something new than go somewhere new...unless I didn't have kids around of course.
15.Favorite Flower?- I like all flowers but Orchids are cool= petunias remind me of mom- I like leaves...
16.Favorite sport to watch?- probably basketball
17.Favorite drink?- I had a pina colada the other night and I was amazed at how good something could taste. I love freshy fresh- but mostly water.
18.Disney or Warner Brothers?- both I guess for totally different reasons
19.Ever been on a ship?- warship? no- Cruise line? no- Ferry? yes...I've played battle ship before.
20.What color is your bedroom carpet?- no carpet- wood floors
21.How many times did you fail your drivers test?- not once- aced it the first time- drivers ed? now that is a different story- good thing the teacher had a crush on me-
22.Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? My mommy
23.What do you do when you get bored? I dink around on the internet, eat, read a book, clean something, play sudoku
24.bedtime? oh man who knows- usually around 11:00 or midnight, but then I wake up 2,4,6- I'm sleep deprived- have been for 2 years- I dream of the day where I can sleep 8 full hours...oh heaven
25.Favorite TV show?- I watch Oprah everyday- The office is funny, I like American Idol, the T.V is in the basement so I rarely go down there-
26.Last person you went to dinner with? The primary presidency- baby shower. That is where I ordered the pina colada.
27.What are you doing right now besides being on the computer? absolutely nothing...aging...that is about it.
28.What are your favorite colors? green and brown
29.How many tattoos do you have?- one...just kidding joette- none- just moles
30.How many pets do you have?- no pets- but I have softened over the years knowing that despite my disliking of dog poop, buying food- clean up- Kenzie will love to have a dog so maybe down the road- when she is 15- no- I don't know- we will see.
31.Have you ever been to Hawaii?- never been- not a goal of mine either
32.Have you been to countries outside the U.S.? Let's see- Canada, mexico, Brasil
33.Last book you read and finished? The Da Vinci Code- pretty exciting
34. One thing you like about yourself? logical, observant, good taste, love to laugh
35. One thing you dislike about yourself? I play the victim sometimes when I am feeling overly sensitive- usually a sign I need to read my scriptures and pray more- I also base my worth on accomplishing things- not good.
36. democrat or republican? I'm pro life, I support the war, marriage should only be between man and woman- but I like some of the democrat's pushes on government programs- student grants, WIC, so I'm a mixture- more towards the right- Bush makes mistakes like any president...I am political I suppose but I just look to what is right and wrong more than just choose blue or red.
37. Your ideal day? perfect weather, on a trail- working hard, swimming,- maybe creating something with the time and money to do it- maybe shopping with someone who likes to shop- finding good deals- laughing really hard all day. Being busy...
38. What time is is? 10:00


The Wright Stuff said...

You're so awesome, April! I can't believe that going to Hawaii is NOT on your list of places to go!!! I have wanted to go since I was like 10 and I still haven't ever been. I told Rob that I'm going for my 30th birthday, with or without him! LOL

The Pyper Fam said...

I love your honesty! :)But I agree with you, I love reading other peoples, but whenever I get one to fill out, I like lose my pacience/interest in it too quickly and never finish. (I have not been able to spell pacience right since I got home from my mission, I don't even remember how its really spelled anymore) Anyway, I don't know if your dad told you or not, but I saw him in Costco the other day. He walked by me, and I literally yelled out, 'are you Gary Tomblin?' He probably thought I was a freak! I haven't even seen your dad in years probably, but I must have recognized him from the blogs or something, Since I do read yours and your moms and joettes religiously. :) Anyway, he stopped and we talked for a bit, I told him I was a friend of yours from high-school and your mom was my seminary teacher in high school and how I just love you guys etc.... and it was good talking to him. He had just driven your mom to Ritzville to meet a friend, and it was really sweet hearing him talk about her. And he was telling me about the plans for your trip. Anyway, I told him to tell you hi, but thought that he most likely doesn't even remember my name or something.
No, I'm not the Laurel advisor, I'm the Beehive advisor, but we have such a little group of girls, that we are really all just one big group. I love being in YW. I still feel like I'm their age!!! Its wierd... But then I remember that I just had my 10 year reunion!!! Anyway, I'm not meaning to make this a novel.
PS-- I love Julias cheeks!!! They remind me of Tuckers when he was a babe... Its really sad when they start loosing them, I feel like Tucker is starting to look more like a little boy than a baby now.

April said...

My dad told me about your visit in Costco- but he first said he saw a girl I played basketball with in high school- so I seriously didn't know who he was talking about until he described you- dark hair, big smile, Mom's seminary student...Taraka? I didn't play basketball with Taraka- it was funny- I bet you are the most amazing young women's leader- they probably love you so much- just thinking about you being in YW makes me smile- I just get flashbacks of girls camp when we were YCLs- oh my gosh we were insane- I would do anything to relive those days again-

Delia D'Nell said...

I agree! I love to read those lists when people send them...I am just not such a fan of writing them..Thanks for sharing!