Thursday, March 20, 2008

birthday boy

Chay- when he was a little guy!

ok do you even understand how lucky I am to be married to Chay Porter Clark?

so today is his birthday...twenty seven still looks like heaven

I am so in love with Chay. He just inspires me all the time to be a better me. He is so understanding, a wonderful friend, concerned, funny, soft, gentle, tough, manly, fun to be with...

Last night we read his best friend's blog and this tribute to Chay is a must read must here to see what Chay is all about in the eye's of his friends.

I have never met anyone so committed as Chay. He is such a family man and would do anything to make his girls happy.

I love the way he thinks. He is so incredibly funny. I feel like I am in a forever running no commercial sit-com when I am with Chay.

When I first met Chay my eyes were shut so to speak...I didn't like him romantically because he was too nice. I know- it doesn't make sense- But I was so used to the big and cool guys out there who were a challenge to conquer that I just didn't understand Chay's nice and easy going ways. I could spend hours and hours with him and never feel intimidated, out of place, worried about my hair or what I was wearing- or anything. He was such a new concept for me that it took a long time for me to open my eyes and say "hello??? this guy is perfect for me! This guy can handle all my weirdness. He will not judge me. He will always be obedient to the commandments. He will allow me to be me in everyway" This is so true. Chay can be with anyone and see their uniqueness and cherish the person. It is such an amazing quality.

I love it when Chay is home. I wait all day for him to come home. There is just something so warming and peaceful when he is home. I just can't wait to hear what will come out of his mouth...he is pure entertainment.

ok well Happy Birthday Chay. I love you. Can't wait to celebrate your birthday?????


Tami said...

Hope you had a great b-day today! Great tribute and cute pictures! Reading April's tribute and John's brought tears to my eyes! Yep - he's awesome and he's my brother!

Jeff Thurgood said...

Happy birthday Chay! (A day late) I hope you had a great one.

Tara said...

Speaking for all of us (Niels, Gage & I)... we love you very much, Chay! It was an honor to see you on your actual birthday and to watch your cutie girls. You have such a soft heart - so helpful and thoughtful. Thanks for being a wonderful brother (and uncle). We are happy to live so close to you guys and hope you stick around for a loooooooooooong time.

Calie said...

Yay Chay Happy Birthday! We love you! Your awesome!

JP Anderson said...

I'm so glad Chay found such an awsome person to be with for the rest of eternity. You guys deserve each other. Happy Birthday again Chayman!