Friday, June 06, 2008


just the thought of being able to spend a day with Chay when he was 6 or 7 sounds so fun to me- I bet he was so dang cute- Chay is a very humble, funny, playful, easy going person- I can only imagine how adorable he must have been as a little boy.

ok here are a couple funny entries from his journal when he was a little guy- he didn't date the pages but I am guessing he is 7-8 or so... got to love that cursive!

Crap- my battery just died on my camera and I have no clue where the charger is- so I only have one picture- I will write out the entries.

Page 2
"Today is Sunday. We have to fast. I am learning to sew. I love to go swimming. Today is special. It is a sunny day."

Page 3
"Today there was nothing to do. I went to John's house and he wasn't there. So I went to Mike's house and he wasn't there. I went to Paul's house and he wasn't there. I went home."


The Wright Stuff said...

LOL That is hilarious! It's so funny, the things we wrote about when we were little. Maybe that's why I don't keep a journal anymore.... LOL

Calie said...

His writing was so perfect. Wow I am so impressed. That really is so funny that no one was home and hat he wrote about it. It must have made an impact on him:)