Sunday, June 15, 2008

a new week.

I am so tired.

Friday Julia and Kenzie got their shots. I hate shots. Sorry Heather- but did you know that I have a really hard time with the medical field? Are we still friends? I mean the medical field definitely serve their purpose thank goodness- but I just wish I could feel safer about immunizations- but my girls get them nonetheless-

so Julia was up a lot on Friday night with a fever. 4 o'clock came early- Chay stayed home so the girls could sleep in. I walked the entire paper route. Came home and set up the yard sale- $I made 150$ and hopefully I will sell more on KSL this week. Anyway so all day I spent selling crap in the sun- came home and had a migraine headache-puky-out of it. Julia was up again all last night- another 4am nightmare with the paper route- came home from papers and prepared sharing time, went to church, and now I think I will die...april's dead.

ok so are you all anxiously awaiting for the new quote from this week's bulletin?

"Some deep thought--Traditionally, most of Australia's imports come from overseas."~Keppel Enderbery-- once again- very random

Happy Father's day! Chay is giving the girls a bath right now and so I am grateful- so very grateful that my girls will be raised with a loving father.

Daddy I love you and miss you. I miss being around you and feeling your consistent forever love. I feel like crying right now- I miss my Daddy- I think I am half gone right now- I cried in sharing time today too. The spirit was strong but I also think I am a little loony from lack of sleep. The primary kids just stared at me. Alright well good night and if you get the paper everyday in your mailbox or on your front porch you better be dang grateful. Leave cookies out for your carrier.


The Checks Mix said...


It sounds like you are booking yourself too much! You need some relaxation time. If the paper route is going to be too much there are other ways to make some extra cash. I get scared about immunizations too. I have held Enoch's off for a long time when he was having so many sleep problems but he is now 6 months behind so I guess (hesitantly) I better get him up-to-date again.

Heather said...

Oh April, Oh course we can be friends!!!!! You are right that the medical field serves a good purpose, but not all modern meds, are a right fit for everyone. I put a lot of stock into other forms of treatment also. As far as Immunizations are concerned, well I will save you the lecture that you already know. LOL I always thought that it was better to get a few pokes and have slight side effects, then to have my kids get a horrid childhood disease. The sad thing that the media is scaring people into not immunizing and kids are getting sick and dying for simple curable things. Ok I guess I didn’t save you the lecture. LOL sorry

I am sorry that it has been tough around your house. I am a beast when I don’t get a lot of sleep. What’s the deal with the babes not sleeping???

Do you know who your ward bulletin person is?? I am going to need a description, so I can fully sink this in to my brain!!!! LOL

Tara said...

Hope you guys get some much needed rest tonight! I used to feel like I was the only person waking up when the sun wasn't out... but I'm not! You guys are go-getters!

Thanks for letting us stop by the other day. Was good to see you, Chay, and the girlies.

Calie said...

Hang in there April. Keith and I were reminissing about our paper days and we both said those were some of our toughest times. He had 3 jobs then and I had postpartom so those days are not very pretty for us. But we look back now and laugh about it all and the no sleep thing... I think that is why Keith sleeps so much now anyway April my prayers are with you. I lvoe you.

The Wright Stuff said...

I wish we were neighbors, so I could have the girls over during the day so you could take a nap! MOVE HERE!

EDK said...

I am so sorry that I am not closer to you so I could take those adorable girls and give you a break. I miss all of you so much!

Marne said...

Hang in there! Sounds have every right to be so dang tired.

I am excited to come see you next week! We will be there on Monday. Chay said he would be off work early...we will probably be there later in the afternoon/early evening. Yippee!