Friday, July 11, 2008

close your eyes

"You can close your eyes" by James Taylor is a favorite of mine...has been for awhile. It is just a classic love song. Don't you agree? Well after turning it up in the car to drown out Julia and Kenzie's crying- Kenzie actually stopped crying and started to listen. She loved it and kept saying "again again" after the song was over. So we listened to it at least 8 times and by the 5th time she was trying all she could to sing with the song...and Ju Ju was humming along too...the car ride was suddenly so very pleasant. Thanks James.


Natalie Jane said...

No freaking way. I listen to that song over and over in the car. I am trying to memerise the strumming for the guitar. LOVE that song.

Calie said...

I love that song too! Music is so powerful.