Thursday, August 14, 2008

school house

Does anyone from Newman Lake recognize this picture? Calie ask Keith if this looks familiar to him. I about died when I found this picture online-

This is an old school house from the early 1900's- probably older- that is still standing- it's near the house I grew up kids we would always walk by it or ride bikes to it and dare each other to go inside...Joette claims that she once touched a headstone/landmark type stone thing close to the school and all these dogs started charging at that true Joette? LOL I bet it wasn't and you were just trying to top off all our stories-


Heather said...

Was this on the corner when you tuned to go up to our houses??? I always thought it was a barn. If it wasn't there, where was it????

April said...

Heather it was at the end of moffat right when it turns into Idaho- back on east moffat road- that road used to be a rocky road but now it is paved and all these huge houses are going up on the hill over looking the valley and the lakes- it is sad to see all the random homes being built-

Heather said...

We went up to help your mom yesterday and I was talking about your post to my mom as we left. The barn I was talking about is still there, and the school is too. I had no idea where it was. I don't even think that I knew it was there untill my mom showed me. We took a drive around our old house, and your old house too. good memories!!! I was amazed at all the new houses also. My mom and I were talking about how she use to be able to name all the families that that lived up there, but now it has changed so much!!!