Saturday, August 23, 2008

ten years

today is my 10 year high school reunion...I'm not there obviously- too far, too expensive...I got the fancy invitation in the mail a couple months ago though and I entertained the thought of going for a couple days but the feeling quickly died- especially when the dinner price was $50 bucks, beer not included. I was happy to see there was going to be a designated beer garden provided. What would we do without a beer garden????

There are about 10 or so people I would love to see...but I don't want to see those 10 or so people drinking- not an ideal situation for me. After my mission I ran into a really good friend of mine from high school. It was at the Spokane Valley Mall of course. Later that night around 11 o'clock this friend called me out of the blue. He was drunk and needed a drive home from a bar. Drunk people are interesting- they seem to be a little more open than usual. After going to school with this guy for years I finally found out that night in the car his true feelings for me- he even thanked me for always being a good girl. Well you're welcome.

High School gives me empty thoughts sometimes. What a necessary yet blank time in my life. My priorities were kind of whacked out and although I supposedly was a good girl, I look back and think "oh I am so different now...and I am so glad those days are over" I just want to reiterate to my girls over and over that although you may feel high school is your whole life, trust me, it isn't...Of course I was me in high school and I am me now and then was me and I'll always be me- but I just process thoughts differently, care for things differently- I understand myself a whole lot more now- do you guys all feel this way? Or were you all homecoming queens who relish in the good old days and can't wait to go to your children's high school football games?"

ok so 10 years looking back- what have I done the last 10 years:
*served mission in brasil 18 months, learned portuguese
*lived with Emily!!!!
*learned to play guitar
*various jobs-waitressing at Woolfy's included
*been on some wild back packing trips- not wild wild...just really fun
*had some pretty interesting boyfriends
*ran a triathlon
*gospel doctrine teacher, teacher improvement, relief society teacher, scouts, primary teacher, primary secretary
*earned my B.S. degree
*lived in New Jersey- drove across the country- there and back
*went to Mexico
*got married
*lived in Portland
*moved to Utah- this was a hard move for me
*gave birth to 2 girls *my favorite 10 year accomplishment besides the whole Chay marriage factor
*Chay and I bought our first home
*can't think of anymore

ok so I found some senior pictures!...oh my gosh oh my gosh- look at that young fresh face! I have the same hair almost! I'm not too nerdy yet...I am sure in another 10 years Kenzie will laugh at what I am wearing. At least I'm not holding a tennis racket (just kidding Chay), or making out with a tree- but what is up with being so serious??? I look like my best friend just died! LOL- what was I trying to create here? ok all of you 1998ers out there- to celebrate our 10 years I dare you to post your senior pictures!!!


Heather said...

I didn't go to my 10 either. I got together with the friends that I had back then and hung out all weekend. I could have written your post word for word only I am not that good of a writer and mine would have been spelled wrong.

But seriously I had the same feelings, now as well as 10 years ago.

You are so amazing at telling it how it is and expressing your feelings in writing!!!!!

Marne said...

I ended up loving my 10 year reunion three years ago. It was fun seeing what everyone was up to, of course, coming from Sugar City there was no bar involved, so that made a difference. It is funny to see how much you can change or not change in 10 years. I was seriously amazed at what some of the people I graduated with are up to! Some I never would have thought are very successful. One kid everyone always made fun of because of his weight was seriously the best looking guy there...all fit and tone and in shape. It was all the other guys who had put on weight!

You do look the same April, but that is a compliment! That means you still look young!

Calie said...

Keith and My 20 year reunion was this last week. We didnt go.I am not sure why but both of us just didnt want to. High school is so far out of our thoughts that it was just something we did not want to spend the money on. Yippee!

The Wright Stuff said...

LOL Me and Heather just spent last Friday night looking through our yearbooks... sweetness. I have to admit that I do miss alot of things about high school, (Volleyball, Friday night football games, dances after football games, pep assemblies, etc.)... but, I was a completely different person then too. I was so self-absorbed and didn't take time to do such things as remember other people's birthdays, get a 4.0, or apply for scholarships for more important things like COLLEGE! Lots of regrets, but it was fun. I also really miss driving the Challenger around the school parking lot.

The Wright Stuff said...

BTW, I still have these senior pictures of you! You are so beautiful, April. You still do look the same and that's a definite compliment!

My Crazy Life X 6 said...

I didn't go either...I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to see that was worth paying $50.00 for...Everyone that was important I still talk to...I'll have to see If I can find my senior Pic...As soon as i do ill post it...