Monday, September 01, 2008

flu you

So so so...blogging has been last on my list lately- I have been on motherload lately.

Julia, Kenzie and my dearest Chay all came down with something not pretty. Flu crap stuff like throwing up, fever, and puffy eyes- a lot of crying...but then again I have been loving Kenzie's ever so sweet and cuddly words, "Mommy hug-a me please"

"I would love to hug-a you"

Chay caught on fast too, "hug-a me too?"- So as it is evident, I was so very much needed these past few days.

But you know what? I didn't get too sick. I think the flu listened to me when I told it to get lost. I was up all night with Kenzie as she dealt with the pukes and then I went on my paper route without any sleep. I felt nauseous, wasted, and really not in the mood to deliver retarded newspapers so freaking early in the morning. But, I soon reminded myself of the insights I've been having lately about the power of thought and the choices we make- and so I forced a giggle out when I heard myself say, "Get lost Le Flu, I don't want you" and so when I would start to get queasy and a little green, I would repeat this mantra while practicing my Lamaze hypnobirthing breathing techniques...LOL I must sound so weird...I promise I'm really not - But deep concentrating breathing can do amazing things by the way...and yes, the paper route is breeding ground for much thought. Emily reminded me that I have had several jobs over the years that seem to welcome much thinking with little distraction-...but anyway so I didn't get very sick like the rest of the flu crew.

Kenzie is a "pee pee in the toilet" queen. She hasn't had one mess up since day 1. Now pooping in the toilet on the other hand classifies her lower than a peasant...LOL- poor thing you...but we still love her of course-

Kenzie refuses to poop. It scares her I suppose. Finally after 4 days we gave her a "rocket" (suppository) We first asked her if she wanted a rocket and of course she replied, "I want a rocket ship!" Well she doesn't like rockets anymore. The first rocket was an unsuccessful flight with no positive outcome (if you know what I mean)and the whole night Chay and I kept talking about the missing rocket and how on earth it didn't work. The next night we gave her rocket number #2. It was horrible and Kenzie's face was white with fear and pain. I kept reassuring her it was ok to poop...and so she did finally poop...and poop...and poop. 5 days worth to be exact.
So she got her purple bike from Walmart! She rides it with pooping pride.

Good Job Kenz.


Marne said...

Ugh...everyone being sick is so not fun. In times like that I think we mothers are blessed with strength so we can care for everyone! Hope you guys feel better soon.

Awesome for Kenzie! Awesome for you guys too! Only one in diapers now.

Tara said...

I'm hoping that Gage picks up potty training as quickly as Kenzie did. Success!! (April I think you should reward your hard work)

Thanks for inviting us over last night. I hope Ms. Kenzie is feeling better!

Calie said...

Yeah!!!! For Kenzie. And Yeah for you too. nothing like pooping pride! Isnt it the best feeling when only one is in diapers. It makes changing them a peice of cake! April you are amazing! I love you girl!

Tiffani said...

I wondered where you where - I'm sorry that your family got sick. That's never any fun. But I had to chuckle how you chased the flu from you - I'm sure it helped. I love the potty training stories - they always bring a chuckle to me. You and Chay are so creative in your parenting - I'm just so impressed. The rocket story was funny - poor Kenzie!

Niels said...

She is really good at riding that bike. A purple bike for a girl who must have turned purple earning it.