Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today hundreds of people had American flags waving in their front yards...I was driving home from my route and...oh heart started to pound.

Where were you during 9/11? I was in Brasil. I was eating lunch at a members home when suddenly the father of the home storms through the door. He had left work just to see me. He comes through the door and runs into the other room and grabs their little TV and he practically slams it down on the kitchen table. He is fidgeting and nervous. He then says, "Sabe o que esta acontecendo no seu pais? Voce nao tem nenhuma idea nao eh?...Vou te mostrar que coisa horrível esta acontecendo agorina." Do you what is happening to your country? You have no idea do you? I will show you what horrible thing is happening at this very moment. He then turned on the TV and the first image I saw was a man in one of the World Trade Center towers waving a white table cloth from a burning window.

I love my country. I live next to an Air Force Base. The jets are so loud you can hardly have a conversation outside. They have woken up my girls from their naps more than once, but I don't care. I love it. My heart always races. It is a sound of safety and protection.

I have been watching 911 footage all morning on YouTube. It really was something horrific and planned. I couldn't help the tears. Our enemies attack us on our own ground...and we are a country of peace always searching for ways to unite the world- it wasn't even an act of revenge or retaliation- only hatred. It really amazes really does...and for what it is worth- I really do support the war. Something had to be done. Maybe it hasn't been handled the best- but I know best efforts are being made- We always want to blame someone or something- I think it is a way to forget the horror of the real story that there are groups of people out there who want to harm us...anyway- I will stop before I start getting political. I am just grateful to be a citizen of this great country.


Marne said...

I was in our North End apartment in Boise. Chad was at work (right across the parking lot) in his office. Braden was 11 months old. We were watching the Today show, like I did every morning, when it came on. I couldn't believe it...but the real horror for me struck when the towers started to fall. I literally started shaking. Then they figured out that the Pentagon and the Pennsylvannia accidents were all related...I could not stop watching the tv although I was horrified. I had to keep watching. I remember thinking that the 2nd coming was getting closer to have things like this happening.

It really hit home that night when I was talking to my best friend Coralee on the phone and she told me that Brady (a good friend) was missing from the Pentagon attack. After I found that out, my take on 9-11 was much more personal. Dealing with my own grief and forgivness issues were nothing compared to his wife and family, but it really was surreal to be at his funeral and stuff. That is a really wild way to die. I'm just glad it was quick. I love visiting Brady's grave in Sugar City when I go home. Lots of great memories. I can't wait to see him again someday.

Anyway, 9-11 is a good time to reflect. I love that song by Alan Jackson, Where were you when the world stopped turning". Love that song.

luvmy5boyscora said...

Hi. This is Marne's friend, Coralee. I have checked your blog out here and there and love some of your quotes, thoughts and personality. They are very similar to some of the thoughts I have. Marne also talks a lot about you and how wonderful you are. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and that I really liked this post about 9-11. Thanks for sharing.