Friday, October 10, 2008

angels are near

Mom has gone 48 hours without food or water.

She no longer has strength to get out of bed. She hurts a lot. She is on a pain pump which releases morphine consistently through her port. There is also an optional button on the pain pump you can push every 10 minutes or so if you think she is still hurting. I push it every 10're welcome Mom.

Mom tries with everything she can to speak but it is hard to understand what she says. Any little word- we hold on to. She smiled yesterday morning many times as she was visited by a slew of new visitors...the nurses have made comment about Mom's many friends. I told them, "You have no idea- Mom has more friends than anybody I know- she is greatly loved by many."

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept getting the chills and I would dream off and on about Mom. I really felt like she was dying last night.

Joette spent the night last night with Mom. Joette told me that throughout the night she kept holding her hand up toward the ceiling. Lynette, a great friend of the family, who owns a adult care facility, told us just 2 days ago that many of her patients reach upwards when they are dying.

The veil is thin...the angels are near. Mom is reaching- she is ready to go home.

I really want to be there when she takes her last breath. I pray I will be...but I think it is up to Mom right now.


Heather said...

April, you are such a strong person. I love you. I feel like your mom really held out for you to get home. It will be soon now and she will be at peace. She has lived such a beautiful life filled with hope, faith and a love for the gospel. She has developed such a close relationship with Christ and our Father in Heaven, that I have no doubt they will be waiting to welcome her home with open arms.

Marie said...

I was with my Grandma when she passed. I helped her through her last few days and had her head in my hands when she took her last breath. It was a very interesting and spiritual experience as the body prepares to shut down. It was a humbling experience. I'm glad you are there with your mom. What a grand reception she will have very soon...Thanks for sharing this.