Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Chay and I bought our first round of ammunition last night. We are going to buy a gun. We have sort of wanted to get one for a while now. It might get kind of difficult or super super expensive in days to come to purchase a gun or ammunition...just preparing that is all- I know I sound like a freak to some but oh well- according to a comment I got on my blog last night I should never run for public office- LOL- that made me laugh- anyway here is an interesting link HERE- Chay has a really funny memory of Mom's 2nd amendment obsession and her telling him all about what kind of gun to buy. I think it kind of threw Chay off guard at first.

ok so on to brighter more fun things:

So check out this garage sale treasure!-Yes they are still having garage sales here in Utah. The people here are crazy for a good garage sales are still going until the major snow hits. Doesn't this chair have so much potential? It was $2. Probably $2 too much but I think I want to learn how to re-upholster it. Is it really that hard to do? Has anyone ever done such a thing? Anyway I fell in love with this chair- and now the disgusting thing is sitting in my living room. But honestly it really is a cool chair- I love how it's a "you can't find that anywhere else" kind of chair.

But then I came home and saw this chair on and thought to myself "hmmmm that would be a lot easier and would probably cost me the same in the long run"

what do you think? Any of you know how to upholster stuff? I mean I have changed a stool seat covering before but I think this might be a little different.


Mothership said...

Re-finishing a chair is kind of hard, but it is a lot of work. You can choose your own colors/fabrics and will feel that great sense of accomplishment when you are done.

You can do it!

Emily Taylor said...

I'll do it with you, I bought my peach chair at a garage sale over 2years ago. I love it, but don't know when I will ever tackle it.

Good find. I thought Arizona was the only place that still did garage sales this time of year.

xcdenke said...

Seriously love that chair! Great find. Garage sales are a paradox.