Sunday, December 28, 2008


So my life is pretty out of control.

As I sit here on my computer, I look around at my house and oh my gosh- Can I hide? Can I light a match and start over please?

I never learned how to be on top of things. never did- nope-

My homework was always done at last minute, my bedroom was always a catastrophe, always forgetting important things, always losing keys

I wish I could trade my brain in for another one at times but then I'm afraid I would lose the other half of it that I kind of like...

But the thing is that I have great intentions and I've never given up trying to be organized- despite my many failed attempts...and my house is clean for a couple hours a day...most days

I have been in a serious rut lately. My ruts are usually only a day or two- but this time around it's like I'm hanging low and camping out for 3 months now-

...and my jeans are really tight right now which adds to the icky- The holiday calories have been extra nice if you know what I mean. Chocolate, cookies, and all those platters the neighbors bring over with all their pleasant varieties- and those of you who know me- are quite aware how healthy I usually am- this is how I know something is kind of not super ok with me- because everything I care about is kind of being left on the back burner as I try to figure out life again...and Ice Cream isn't a true friend by the way. It reminds me of a junior high friendship. shallow, fun for a little while,- left cheated in the end. back stabber

oh and it doesn't help that we just got a magazine in the mail with a huge picture of Eva Mendes staring at you on the front cover- thanks Eva.

ok so anyway- this year I started contemplating on Christmas Day about my 2009 year... and I have been thinking about it, writing about it, planing for it, preparing for it, and for these 7 days before January 1- I will solidify my goals and then I will attack whatever it is I need to attack- (I write in this book every night before I go to bed)

rough draft resolutions/goals for 2009

Get out of debt
Eat alkalined for the most part
Get in great shape--run a half marathon (unless my body says no-)
Keep a cleaning schedule for the house- meal plan
100% visiting teaching
Get Kenzie and Julia to sleep together in the same room- all night- without waking up
Stop nursing Julia-I know she's almost in nursery- what can I say?-I like to snuggle.

What are your goals????

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Marne said...

I've been thinking about my goals too, I will post them soon. I REALLY wish I could run that half marathon with you...maybe next year. I would run Robie with you if I could! I have always wanted to. I really admire you April because you are so goal-driven, and once you put your mind to doing something, you do it! I love how open minded you are...I tend to be too focused sometimes and I miss much going on around me. Happy New Year!