Friday, January 16, 2009


fight for freedom friday once again- man time flies I noticed this morning my milk expires the day our 44th president will be inaugurated...what a historical event- our first African American President! It is truly a remarkable thing! If only it was Condoleeza Rice instead...

Ok- no really I hope Obama succeeds- I really do. I am hopeful.

ok so let's do a freedom test.

Since cell phones are the cause of thousands of car accidents each year- some even fatal- should congress pass a ban on all cell phone use while driving- hands free/blue tooth included?

What do you think? kind of tricky...

Although it is extremely smart not to drive when talking on the cell phone and I do believe people's lives could be saved if people drove more responsibly- Congress still needs to let "We the people" make those conscious decisions...not the government.

If so, next there will be a law passed where you can only have your stereo so loud while driving, and then there will be a law passed that no kids under 3 can be in the car because they are too distracting obviously, and then there will be a law passed that you can't eat while driving unless you first blend the food and put it a head gear type contraption with an automatic sucking feeding tube so you can eat or um... suck without ever taking your eyes off the road. McDonald's would definitely go out of business. But that's ok- they'd just get bailed out anyway... Do you see my point?

What happens when a civilization has too many laws?

People become retarded. ok not really but they learn to not think for themselves. Moral reasoning goes out the window. People start looking for answers outside instead of inside...they become conformists and then suddenly it is very hip and cool to say "Heil Hitler" but yet nobody knows why- everyone is just doing it.

Basic instinct, light of Christ, conscience, feeling something is good, feeling something is wrong...all these God given attributes kind of get foggy and misconstrued with the subtleness of what the popular culture is pushing...and instead of pursuing happiness like we should be doing- by serving our fellow men, going to work, saying sorry, building honest families, repaying our debts, contributing to the community, donating books to the local library or whatever- we are instead pursuing ignorant fairness and justification through useless laws. Unnecessary laws make it easier for us to blame, to fight, to sue, to forget what liberty and freedom are all about! People tend to lean towards being taken care of and provided for when too many laws cushion their agency and livelihood.

And then there is the extreme opposite which occurred during the The Prohibition of 1920- where an unprepared law passing created mobs, black markets, corruption- just let us decide and suffer from our own consequences ourselves will ya? Our spirits are too strong- forcing causes rebellion in the human spirit- for the good or for the bad.

ok so freedom obviously can't be achieved without some laws. The founding fathers knew that-and some laws are also necessary for our protection. You can't work on pursuing your happiness when you're afraid someone is going to slit your throat when you walk out your front door. Criminals are anti-freedom lugs. They deserve bondage. We don't.

So the moral of the story is: we need not be spineless sheep. Baaa baaa... and we need to be aware of those government leaders who desire to pass laws that seem like "nice" and "logical" laws at first but would slowly and subtly take away our choice to act and be.

So freedom test #2 How do you feel when you read this statement?

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That's not leadership. That's not going to happen." ~ Barrack Obama
(spoken during the Oregon preliminaries campaign for Democratic Presidential Nomination, May 2008)

It should make you angry...because we are Americans. Maybe we should dress up as Indians and sneak onto a barge docked at the Boston Harbor- a barge that is loaded with hybrid cars and push every one into the ocean...

talk about breaking some

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Tiffani said...

Well stated April. Oh, change is coming....slowly we are giving up our rights and following these government leaders around blindly. Oh, it makes me so upset. Our freedom of choice is slowly being taken from us - wake up people! We know that our prophet is a called of God and that he will not lead us astray - but these government leaders are not called of God. I am going to fight for freedom with you April - we had to stand up for our families, our rights, our freedom, and for our country.

P.S. The whole global warming thing is total garbage and propoganda.