Sunday, January 25, 2009

nick names

Here is a post Mom wrote in June on her blog. The nick names are ever so true- but they were mainly used and created by our daddy- I love this post because it really reflects Mom and her relaxed loving peaceful self:

Families are Forever, Aren't you glad?????

Thank you Keithy Weithy for fixing my computer. What would this family do without your expertise? Thanks to Bry Bry for helping me with my little girl (girl statue by the pond in flower garden- picture shown above). She sits at the edge of the pond so sweetly! Thanks, Jo Jo, Kakers, and Lore for helping make my thrown together dinner last night taste wonderful with your great additions, and the fact that you were here and brought your kids. Sorry kids that we didn't get to play "kick the can".

Have you ever eaten Naan bread? Oh my is wonderful and you can flavor it anyway you choose to. Thanks Jo Jo.

Thanks to Apey Snapey for always calling me. I love to talk to you and the girls. Well I need to get busy, I guess. Have a great day!!!

having a 'missing you badly' day- I love you Mommy


Mothership said...

We call our kids the goofiest names, sometimes, and they end up becoming the most beloved moniker. I am still Emily-Pemily and my husband is Justy Poo.

I'm aching for you today, April. I can almost feel the tears slipping down your checks and I can almost see them cloud your vision. My mother is not gone, but I do live far away from her and there are days where I need her arms around me.

I love you.

Niels said...

Those nicknames are really cool. We miss your mom, too. I hope you find the comfort that you need to get through today, April. Thanks for your great work with Gage. It's nice to know he is so well taken care of. See you tomorrow.

Calie said...

Hi April. Last night while saying prayers with the girls Alyssa broke down in tears missing grandma so much. Sometimes the missing just catches you off guard doesnt it? I miss her like crazy. My kids miss her like crazy. Isaac still prays about her every night. And Keith is so quiet about it. We just got back from our trip and one night while we were there Keith woke from a dream about her. I know she is visiting us through our dreams. I walked along the beach and thought of her and how much she wanted to visit Hawaii. I know she was there with me for just a little moment I felt her. It made me smile and cry at the same time. :) I love you April.

Tara said...

I love the nicknames! It takes a close family to have such fun names for each other and not have any hard feelings. I dread some of the nicknames that I've had growing up...