Wednesday, January 21, 2009

operation home3

so...the cleaning thing is still going pretty well. My house is relatively clean- whatever that means- but at least I don't get that freak out feeling when someone knocks on the door. Quick shove everything behind the couch! I did however play the piano all morning instead of cleaning but since I don't have any plans for the day- I will just somehow fit cleaning in my busy schedule.

But that is all boring stuff...

what is really entertaining is this: remember when I posted this picture from that lady's blog who loves to label and roll her sheets? And then I mentioned that I don't even know how to fold fitted sheets?

Well I swear she must have read my blog after that because she has a sequel to her linen closet wonder. Because the title of today's blog is titled: How to fold a fitted sheet!

Can I call her a sheet freak? Ok I won't because that isn't very nice to say.
I am very proud of her sheet folding skills...and I have actually learned with visual aids how to fold a fitted sheet. Knowing me I might still just roll them in a ball and shove them in a closet somewhere- maybe not- we will see.

The blog I am pulling these pictures from is Vanillajoy- I somehow came across this blog and I sort of browse through it from time to time- kind of like the browsing we do with that one magazine in the bathroom.


Heather said...

Oh April, that cracks me up.....I love the tutorial that lady put up to fold fitted sheets......what the Heck???? I have to say that my mother in law can fold fitted sheets but I still think that she has super human sheets are like yours, fold, wad, roll, and shove up on the shelf, as they should be LOL.......Love ya friend

Anonymous said...

When you first commented on this I almost left my own comment on, didn't you notice the little cinnamon sticks that she inserted into each bow? Then I realized that they weren't cinnamon sticks but were the clothes pins that she had attached the tags with. But I got to thinking about it. Hmmmm.... cinnamon sticks. Now isn't that a great idea. All your bedding would smell like a piece of cinnamon toast. Do you think you'd wake up hungry every day? Maybe sleep walk to the kitchen for a midnight snack?

Gotta say, I think I'm a new Martha in the making.

April said...

who is this anonymous martha stewart in the making??? Do I know you??? I bet I do.

Chay said...

Folding fitted sheets?.....!??? Heck will freeze over before that happens in my home. No way am I or April ever going to do that.....and even if April did want to fold fitted sheets (heaven forbid) and label them all nifty/cute, I'd totally want her to stop.

Ohhhh that would drive me crazy. When you've got time to time to burn....I mean, tons of time to burn, don't waste it on crap like this.....come over to my house and mow my lawn, change some diapers and finish my unfinished projects...please.

Tara said...

Glad we each have our own things that fill our days and bring us joy. :) I haven't yet mastered this part of my life (sheets).

Mothership said...

Okay, April. I totally fold my fitted sheets that way. I fold both sheets then put then inside the pillow case. Then, when it's time to change, I pull out one "bag" and it's all there. Plus, it doesn't take much time to do. I am not super organized, but my small house has limited closet space and I have to be efficient.

I do not, however, put cinnamon sticks or rafia (sp) bows or decorative clothes pins on folded laundry. There are some days that I do 8 loads of laundry and there is NO WAY I'm going overboard.

I also do not make handouts when I teach at church.

The Pyper Fam said...

That is funny, as I was folding my sheets today I thought of that picture you posted a few days ago of the rolled and labeled sheets. I am like you and just kind of roll them up and throw them in my closet. I usually always try to atleast put a flat sheet on top of it that is actually folded, so I can shove it down and fit more sheets in...but anyway. That is hilarious that she posted instructions. Nice to actually know how to do it. I'll still probably just use the roll and shove method though!! :)