Wednesday, January 28, 2009

stake dance re-cap

Down on the left margin quite aways on this blog- I have a stake dance re-cap playlist...we were listening to it last night- and of course the girls loved Ice Ice Baby and when Depeche Mode's "Somebody" came on I obviously had to ask Chay to dance. If I saw Chay at a stake dance when we were 15 it would definitely be my idea to dance. He would be attractively shy...and I would be able read him like a book-

so last night while dancing he kindly reminded me, "April, I don't think you'd be dancing with a 14 year old boy this way." oops

um...Stake Dances in my time were basically the coolest thing in the world. Oh and I am not from Utah or am I from a highly populated Mormon area...for some reason highly populated Mormon areas don't appreciate stake dances like we did in Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho...I think church dances might be "not cool" here...and sort of lame...and so is having a wedding reception in the church gym. What is really wrong with burlap walls and a basketball hoop in your pictures anyway? ok...I hated my pictures...but what beats a ward potluck? People still talk about all the delicious food the ward families brought to my reception.

ok back to stake dances. So they were cool...and were basically the weekend highlight. My friends and I would always dress up crazy...and we would dance in a big circle to techno music...and would go out of control when "Love Shack" came on and "YMCA" -and the guys danced too...remember "skaw" music?? The guys loved to dance skaw...

I just got off the phone with Emily and she told me stake dances weren't as cool as I had thought they were and after I left on my mission they became instantly dull...hmmmm and the fact that the group of guys we had crushes on moved away-
so maybe...well still- Stake Dances from the 90's matter what they say.

and then there was Jaynee...who is the dancing machine- Joette, Sheri, Taraka, Emily, Leah, who am I missing???

and if you remember a song that I am missing from the playlist...please share.


The Pyper Fam said...

I'm so glad that you showed me your stake dance re-cap playlist-I didn't even know it was there! The only songs I can think of that were missing are:
kissed by a rose by Seal and Everything I do, I do it for you by John Adams (or someone like that?-I don't remember) :) But I totally agree with you April, I have nothing but great memories from stake dances!back in our day,they were so much fun! The spokane east stake rocked! :) Mabey Emily was just too cool sometimes to rock out with us at stake dances! :) ha ha They did go dramatically downhill once you entered the young single adult dances. I loved this post, it brought back alot of great memories!:) Lets get together and rock out again sometime soon, huh?!

Natalie Jane said...

We always requested "I love to hate you" by Erasure.

Stake dances were awesome. From ages 14-16.

Emily Taylor said...

Correction...young single adult dances weren't as cool after you left on your mission. For the record I wasn't attending stake dances at 21.

The Wright Stuff said...

You just totally made my day!!!! I am laughing so hard right now! Good job on the playlist! Didn't we do the Macarena too? LOL Oh, and "Cotton-eyed Joe"... I hated that song! I have to say that we had the COOLEST DJ in the world!
Stake dances were seriously the highlight of the weekend! Then we'd end the night by going through the Taco Bell drive thru... LOL such great times!
I agree with Taraka! We need to get together and rock out again! :)