Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and so it goes

Sold my car tonight.

I cried when they drove off with it.

They test drove it for 5 minutes, and knew right away they wanted it. Of course.

They gave us a wad of cash.

I no longer own my dream car.

But we no longer have car debt.

I don't know if you remember my post from July- I am too lazy to link it. But I started a paper route in July and decided it was time to do all I can to get out of debt.

Well I will honestly admit I haven't done all I can to get out of debt- you know, haven't made Kenzie dress in homeless clothes and put her out on the streets to sell Disney stickers and suckers- and I have even bought stuff I probably shouldn't have- and we have gone out too eat probably a little too often- but since July we have climbed ourselves out of $6,500 dollars worth of debt, paid off Julia's birth, and 1 credit card. Yes a credit card. The big CC. I'm a little delayed and behind when it comes to silly mistakes like credit card debt.

Dave Ramsey is coming this May. Chay and I are going to his 4 hour financial seminar. I listen to him quite frequently on talk radio so I am well aware of his snowball system and so far it is working! Slowly but surely!

I really miss my car right now. She was so nice to me in the snow.

oh and what will I drive now???


But don't worry, it was free and I married a mechanic miracle man...and one thing good about getting your car from a junk yard is: the chances are very high other junk cars will have the parts you need to fix up your junk car.

It is a perpetual place of possibilities, those wrecking yards...
So the transmission was shot- oh that is ok, there is another Jeep Cherokee over in that pile across the way- that has a perfectly fine transmission.

And so it goes. Our free Jeep.


Tonya said...

Way to go on eliminating debt! I would feel much better driving a free car! Way to go Chay!

Marne said...

Sorry you had to let your dream car go...at least you had it for awhile! :) I hope it all works out for you with the Jeep. Chay is amazing when it comes to fixing cars.

Marne said...

Oh, and have fun at the seminar! Share what you learn.

Tami said...

That is AMAZING that you have eliminated that much debt - wow! Quite impressive!! And maybe someday you can drive your dream car again.

Mothership said...

Good job, April!!! We followed Dave Ramsey's program, too, and have only student loan debt. It is the most freeing feeling, isn't it?

Congratulations, again. That is really awesome.

Calie said...

April you are so brave for following your plan. Way to go and way to stick to it! Dave Ramsey would be so proud of you right now! And way to go Chay for having the courage to just fix up a jeep from the scrap yard. That is a beautiful thing! Atta kid!

Elissa said...

I'm sorry about your car! But I think that's so awesome how far you've come so far--way to go!!

And if you ever feel bad about what you drive, I'll let you borrow the Taurus for a spin. I got in stuck in my driveway the other day and I almost didn't make it up 300 W. yesterday. If that helps you feel any better.

The Checks Mix said...

That is AWESOME you have payed off so much! It must feel SO good--even if you did have to give up your dream car. I was thinking the last car you owned was your dream car--it seems I remember a posting about that. Maybe I am mistaken. Good job though! I am amazed you are still doing the paper route!

April said...


I did love my CRV. And I was really sad to see it go because it was the newest and nicest car we had ever owned- but the Subaru has been my dream car since I was 16.

How are you Charity? How is lovely Rexburg? I bet it is keeping you young? Have you made a visit to academic advising?

I bet you feel so much better being home and being busy...

I need to come visit you.