Friday, February 20, 2009


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The power of women.

Oh the power of women.

I think women will have a huge role to play when it comes to fighting for our freedom in these last days. There is just a power that lies within women, the unseen hero, the nurturer, the care giver, the reader, the persuader, the strong underlining voice that keeps interrupting the adversary's scheme to manipulate and suffocate man's idea of God given liberty.

Women can be nasty and blunt. We are thinkers and analyzers (just ask our husbands) and so we can penetrate into places and make a bigger difference in situations more than one might suspect. Our strength however can unfortunately also be used both ways- for the good or for the bad-

But, those of us who are on board, who are informed, rooted in morals and principles, believe in God, and love the country our founding fathers revered- then all I can say out. watch out.

Power in Women.

During the Revolutionary War, the colonists were poorly armed and suited to take on the most powerful army of the world, Great Britain. They were low on ammunition, armor, weapons- but they still believed- fighting for their rights and freedom was worth the battle, and that God was on their side. So they continued to fight the impossible fight.

The women during that time fought too. Not always with guns, but I am sure you can only imagine how the women were in those days...they fought with that 'persistent homemaker nasty in your face mean girl' kind of defense- The women in the American Revolution joined together and made promises not to buy English products like tea- they would assemble together and fire each other up about the oppressive English government, they stopped buying black material because it was imported from England. The women would sew clothes for the soldiers, bring water out to the soldiers for them to drink and to cool down the cannons, they would feed the soldiers- One time a wife came to the battle field to give her husband water and she found her husband wounded and unable to shoot the cannon he was operating. The wife took over and continued to shoot the cannon until her ammunition was gone.

This is my favorite story:

The American army was suffering from poor supply of weapons and ammunition. The day the Declaration of Independence was signed, a group of people became angry again of course, at the English government, and so they tipped over a big lead statue of King George III. The statue crumbled into pieces. Women on the sidelines decided to help clean up the the shattered statue. They put all the lead pieces into a wagon. According to history, these women hauled the broken statue a few hundred miles to a revolutionist blacksmith- who melted down the lead statue and was able to make sustainable amount of ammunition and muskets for the American soldiers.

Ok women- get involved. Even if we continue to see a socialistic regime take over and liberty seems to fall apart at the seems- don't give up. Who knows what legacy we can leave our children. Talk to each other, read good books, watch the news (just for the facts and then formulate your own opinion)- the media is biased in many ways-

And if you have no clue what I am talking about and think I am nutty- It is time. It is time to figure this all out so you don't have to figure it out when it is too late.

ok I sound nutty.

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