Monday, February 02, 2009


Yesterday was a gift.

We fasted.

Chay spent Saturday night preparing for his Elder's quorum lesson. He was nervous and a little frustrated. When he told me that the subject of his lesson was the first vision, I told him not to worry- the Spirit will take over. It is pretty much a "feel the spirit" guarantee when you talk about the first vision- regardless of the teaching skills.

Kenzie gave her first talk in primary yesterday. She talked about families. I had to help her say the big words "salvation, progress, ordained."

After church at least 5 men in the ward approached me, including the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency, and told me how amazing of a job Chay did in his lesson. It made me so happy for Chay.

Last night we watched the church video "Truth Restored" and Kenzie was so enthralled with it- I felt like I was watching it for the first time as I watched her eyes and reaction. We then watched "The Testaments" which caused motive for a long discussion before bedtime. Kenzie kept wondering about why the people hurt Jesus- and why is Jesus dead? And oh boy- so I did some explaining that took probably 15 minutes...Kenzie thinks a lot and she takes information and processes it differently than most I think. I like her inquiring mind. She will keep me on my info toes.

so all in all yesterday was full of truth. I just kept feeling the witness of the Holy Ghost- reaffirming that my life was very blessed- and full of truth- and that everything is going to be ok.

and...I feel so very prompted to work harder on things- you know, like teaching my family more about faith, obedience, the atonement, kindness, showing my love for them more, being a better visiting teacher, find ways to make more out of my calling- ...maybe I should get off the computer then and do something more with my day??? You think? It is like I am avoiding reality when I hover over this laptop-

anyway- life is good. It really is.


Heather said...

those kind of Sundays are so nice. Mine yesterday was about the opposite with me in tears half the day but hopefully someday soon we'll have a sabbath as inspiring as yours.

Natalie Jane said...

What a lovely post. Thank you.

The Checks Mix said...

Wow! The Lord really blessed you for your efforts to make the most of his day. I haven't fasted in SO long due to nursing and pregnancy. That would be nice. You are such a great example to all of us of truly living the gospel. Thanks.

Calie said...

April you are such a good mother. Kenzie and Julia are so lucky to have you and Chay as parents. The best thing you can do for them ... you are doing...your living the gospel and sharing it with them. Days like that just make you want to burst with happiness doesn't it!? It makes everything worth it.

I love that picture you put on this post. Its beautiful.