Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the chaco chay dilema

If you haven't met Chacos is time.

My feet beg for them every day.

So we are hopefully at the tail end of a long and cold winter. So you would think I would rummage through the back of the closet to find my chacos...

well actually they never found their way to the back of the closet this winter...they have stayed nicely either on my feet or next to my bed.

I seriously can't live without these shoes. You know the feeling you get after you exercise or the feeling you get after a much needed shower? Kind of like the natural endorphin thing going on?

Well it is safe to say- when I put on my chacos, once my big toe gets under the loop and my heal settles into its resting place which is molded and formed from much endorphins kick in. And I feel like I can do anything in the world.

LOL, this is making me laugh. Ok the shoes don't have magical powers. But close. Very close.

I won't clean my house without them on. I won't garden or go on walks without them. And they are named Chacos. Not shoes. When I wake up in the morning I call them by name. "Kenzie are you wearing my chacos again?...bring them here please."

So this winter my chacos were ever increasingly comfortable- despite the snow of course. (the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become). Although it is mostly joking around between Chay and I, it is fair to say my Chacos have caused a little disturbance in our marriage.

Chay, "You are not wearing those shoes. There is 2 feet of snow outside."
April, "Yes I am. My feet will only be cold for a minute or so"
Chay, "I hate those shoes"

Chay, "Why do your feet feel like sandpaper?"
April, "They are super dry"
Chay, "Do you think maybe it's because you wear those stupid sandals all year long?"
April, "yes maybe"

April, "My big toe has a crack and it hurts so bad."
Chay, "That is disgusting"
April, "Oh...come on, my feet are just a little dry"
Chay, "When you're not looking, I'm going to hide those shoes"

April, "I love you Chay"
Chay, "You love your shoes more than me"
April, "They're called Chacos...and don't be silly."
Chay, "I love you too."


The Wright Stuff said...

LOL!!! Love the conversations between you and Chay!! It's like that Friends when Monica buys those boots that she LOVES, but they kill her feet! Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but it made me think of it anyways... LOL I'm glad your CHACOS make you so happy! We all should be so lucky as to have a pair of [shoes] CHACOS to make us feel like we can do anything in the world! :)

Heather said...

i do like my chacos. but i have to say i did put them away for winter. Dude - that would be cold!

Tara said...

Chay may just be a tad jealous that he doesn't have his own Chacos! :)

I used to be like this (sandals in the winter) with some Nike sandals I had when I lived in Rexburg. BRRR!

My Crazy Life X 6 said...

I think jeff and i have had those same conversations about my flip flops witch i wear all winter also...

Tami said...

Loving the chacos! I really need to buy a pair this summer...especially when you tell us how much you love them! Poor Chay - thinks you love your Chacos more than him :) lol!

Joette said...

did rafiki have chacos? I bet he did... you totally quoted him in your opening line... "it is time"

Everything can relate back to that monkey I swear... Maybe you should buy green chacos and only wear them on st pattys day.. I'm just saying..

Solveig said...

OK, you've convinced me to get some chacos. I'm so tired of cutesy sandals that I can't walk in after wearing them for 5 minutes. My feet need a break.