Wednesday, March 04, 2009

my gift today

so I've been sort of a lame blogger lately. Well- actually I have been blogging...just not on this blog. Take a look. Just click on one of the images below. We are starting an online book club which I am so excited about! I've been designing and "HTML"ing...and learning a lot...and yes I know...I can't get away from black. There is just something about black...makes everything pop.

Join the book club. It will be very enlightening to say the least!

ok, now what I really want to share today:

This was my gift today. I have watched it several times with tears flowing. When I first heard these words 4 months ago, I was leaving the next day to go home to say goodbye to my dear Mommy. I remember the feeling I had when I heard this talk. HOPE. This video is powerful. I know Elder Uchtdorf is called of God.

this video is going on my side bar...oh thank you. Thank you! I needed this today.

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