Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fear monger


I had a dream a month ago that we were in a huge earthquake.

Every building fell except those built by the church. The aftershocks were so bad that we were forced to go out to a field and stay for days while the ground trembled. It was only a dream. I woke up thinking, "man what did I eat before I went to bed last night?"

The next night I dreamed about what I should during an earthquake. I was to push my big heavy duty kitchen table under the main beam threshold of my house and to grab the girls and get under it. I dreamed that dream twice.

So now what? A little spooky I'd say. So I live in an earthquake doom ville state. Now what? Well then I got the idea that I should get earthquake insurance. I called the insurance company and got a quote but then I thought. "Oh April don't be such a fear monger...don't take your dreams so did dream a couple weeks ago that you were dating 'Jim' from The Office". Then 2 weeks later, inside the Sunday paper, there was a 20 page pamphlet all about earthquakes in Utah, in the pamphlet it talked about how to prepare, the likelihood, what to do afterwards, which buildings will likely receive the most damage (so happens that brick homes built before 1970 are the ones to be most worried about- oh wonderful)...blah blah

so I called my homeowners insurance the very next day...

My house is insured. Few. That feels dang good.

Now off to getting my 72 hour kit backpack all updated and's almost done...and good thing I am married to a strong survival brute- because the backpack is HEAVY.


Heather said...

maybe you're pregnant with all your wild dreams!! :) every few months I have dreams about all the weird disasters that could happen and I'm rushing about gathering stuff. I've been working on our 72-hr kits too. It's a chore to try and keep it light-weight - I agree. Feels good to be prepared. My husband and I were just talking about earthquake insurance. We need to look into that. yikes!

Tonya said...

Way to go April. You should rename it "preparedness monger". It always feel better to be on the safer side of caution!