Friday, April 10, 2009


um...I don't want to waste a lot of time on the computer. I am having way too much fun wasting time doing other things with Joette.

Sometimes when you think about all that is going on in the country right now- it can be so exhausting. It is.

If you turn on the TV after not watching the news for a week- be careful- you won't even know how to comprehend all the funky things going on. You will be so confused how everything got so jacked up these past few years...

Ever since Bush decided to bail out AIG- the government has basically all gone to power socialism pot.

So what am I going to do about it? Well I am going to a Tea Party on April 15th. Are you going to one? Click HERE to find a Tea Party near you.

I think I want to wear this shirt to the Tea Party. And I think I will buy it a little small- on purpose... and I will wear just a little extra make-up...just so everyone knows, especially the media, that conservatives do not only consist of farmers or senior discounters...yes, there are actually "hip" conservatives under the age 30 (barely) who still proudly cling to their bible and gun. Despite cultural trend or the so called "progressive" movement, there are still those who believe in those old fashion principles of the past...and who so happen to also look extremely well in black. LOL

I need to write a post about "progressives" holy crap- have any of you watched Oprah lately? That lady is tricky. Tricky. I like to call her Miss Flaxen Cord lady.


The Wright Stuff said...

LOL You are so funny! I agree about Oprah!!! She totally drives me crazy with all her 'tricks'. I swear she's the reason why Obama won. The minute I saw that she was 'endorsing' him, I knew without a doubt, he'd be the next president. It's like people believe everything she says! Even if it's wrong and totally biased. Like her book club! I've never read a single book from her 'list', but I have friends that have and almost all of them are terrible books! Ok... I'm done with Oprah... hence the reason why I NEVER watch her! I admire her for what she's made of herself, but that's it.

The Wright Stuff said...

I love that tshirt! You totally have to buy one! LOL

Tiffani said...

April - I hope you post a picture of yourself wearing that shirt. Corbin really wants one - a regular tee shirt not a v-neck.

What has Oprah done lately? I don't watch her show either.