Friday, April 03, 2009

I am freezing...I need some global warming please

fight for freedom friday

so...when I was growing up and going through the dreadful junior high years, the color "green" meant "horny". I know, retarded. Do any of you remember this? It was like the "green" light to hold hands or kiss some random behind the bleachers. "Junior High stuff". The last thing "green" meant was to recycle and buy shirts made out of hemp.

I think this whole global warming thing is an absolute genius idea. I mean seriously, who doesn't love the earth? I personally love to recycle. Our city has an amazing recycling program and it makes it so easy to do- although I do go overboard and find myself searching through all the garbage cans to see if Chay has thrown away anything made of plastic or paper, so I can put it in the recycling bin. It's an obsession of mine.

Recycling is cool. Great program.

Energy. I always turn off my lights when I can. I also set my air conditioner to 82 degrees in the summer- not because of deadly green house carbons going in the air, but mostly to keep my electric bill down.

It is all tricky. When I first heard about global warming, I bought into it so quick. I am a "tree hugger" by heart and I love rivers and streams LOL...and stuff like that. I wear chacos and I used to drive a Subaru. I have "liberal" written all over me.

So, I don't like seeing litter and dirty lakes. Plus I can hardly breathe here in Utah- the inversion here is something else I tell you. I am all about finding solutions to the bad air...

But then I got to thinking a little...If people want to push global warming, let them push global warming- but push it like other causes push their agenda- like when you go to the grocery store and the clerk asks you to donate $1 to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, or those marathons that are all in the name of breast cancer- these foundations are making a ton of money to support their cause, yet, you and me aren't forced to contribute to them if we don't want to.

But "Global Warming is killing the earth!!!!! Brace yourselves, we're spiraling out of control...we're on FIRE!!!" really? That is when it has gone a little too far. At first when I saw Al Gore on Oprah I thought to myself, "wow I like the idea of cars running on bio fuel or electricity...and I like how they can make playground equipment out of used tires" it was all a very cool concept at first, but then with time, global warming kind of took a weird twist...a powerful controlling twist.

First of all, Global Warming is a theory. Did you know that? What? No, it isn't, it can't be, everyone knows man is killing the earth. Brangelina even said so themselves.

Weather Channel founder John Coleman has described global warming as "the greatest scam in history"

Award winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer was fired by Al Gore because he chose to disagree with Gore's theory.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, who has been Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT for over 25 years acknowledged that it took him awhile to realize that global warming was a highly organized political movement, and that opposing it was an uphill battle. He said that it has nothing to do with science.

James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies also disagrees with the theory of man caused global warming.

There are many more...just too lazy to write them all...In fact there was a conference held this year where scientists all over the world met to discuss the fallacies of the man caused global warming theory. Thousands showed up- (sorry I don't have a resource...which makes me not very credible- but the conference was held in New York-just google it)

ok so who cares if there are just as many scientists who don't believe in man caused global warming than who actually support it- who cares? Well theories are fun and all...but now all of the sudden it has become political (well, Al Gore basically started this whole rally- so political from the beginning) but now it is being shoved down our throats as true and we are paying with our own money to support something that isn't necessarily true...and we don't have any say in it.

I don't think we should pollute the air or poop in rivers...but we better pay attention to the ramifications of what is about to happen when we give government control over this issue- because the next issue and the next issue after that- it is easier for government to take hold and take over.

Do your research. It is amazing what you will find. The research on global warming is really intriguing- and both sides of the debate have their facts- but it is far too premature to be making these huge money deficit decisions. I personally do not agree with man caused global warming. If anything it was just a 1990's trend. It is April, and there is snow in my front yard. I actually would like a little global warming right now. I am freezing. Where in the heck is spring?

Everyone wants something to believe in. Global warming is just that something for so many.

If global warming is the priority right now over the economy- watch out. Because everyone will be affected...and if you suck dry the people's prosperity with taxes, expensive cars, jacked up utilities, shutting down coal industries, job loss, higher emission taxes, investing in alternative solutions on the tax payer's back (which don't really work as well), refuse to drill for oil when we all know oil actually works, demand "green" behavior or you'll be penalized. etc.- even the environmentalists, who if hungry and cold will be one of the first to cut down the precious trees and put them in air polluting wood stoves to keep warm.

So the reverse effect will occur. The more prosperous we are, the more we can care about the earth. We would have the time and resources to do so.

If there is a theory with enough evidence to debunk global warming, maybe we should just rely on that theory for awhile, cut taxes, get people working again, and then think about "saving the planet" later.

So I'm not so into "green" if you know what I mean. This is a pure example of: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and will lose both.” Benjamin Franklin


Heather said...

good one!

Heather said...

oh - short comment. what I meant to say was... LOVE IT! My husband is always explaining the global warming hoax and making jokes about it. That first picture is pretty funny.

Tiffani said...

Great information April - I love it. My favorite color is green - but not for earthy reasons. I can't believe all the power and money behind this whole global warming scam. What ever happened with your chacos because I know they tore?