Thursday, May 28, 2009

just so weird to me...

twitterpated... and in your facebook

ok something is seriously weird lately.

Does anyone else think this whole techy social networking boom is just weird?

So after many friends and family members prodded me to join facebook, I finally did.

I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. I thought to myself, "well this will be neat to see what old friends from the past are doing and such-"

so I joined, posted some family pictures, and surfed around on people's profiles for a couple weeks and found myself thinking, "oh wow, she has 4 kids now? Oh she actually graduated from college? That is his wife now? They live in Kansas of all places?" Basically I became like this private investigator as I read about everyone's was kind of fun- although nothing was private about it...

and then Joette showed me one day how I can click on a link on facebook and it will show you what everyone is doing everyday.

our conversation:

April "Everyday? What do you mean everyday?"
Joette: "well some people comment what they are doing during the day...some comment every hour of the day...or minute for that matter."
April: "What do you mean?"
Joette: "Here, I will show you (click click)... So in So ("So in So" to protect names) is playing ping pong and wants to beat her brother at ping pong...and So in So is hanging out with her boyfriend...and So in So is tackling new vocab words for self improvement...and So in So is getting ready to go to work..."
April: "Stop...I don't get it, if they are playing ping pong then how could they be writing on facebook?...Do they play a game of ping pong and then pause for a moment and go type something on the computer??? They take time away from their game to write on the computer???"
Joette: "I guess"
April: "Why?"
Joette: "I don't know, they just do"
April: "Who really cares if someone is playing ping pong?"
Joette: "Someone must is interesting to see what your friends are doing."
April: "I think the person playing ping pong is hoping someone really cares"
Joette: "No, I am sure others care"
April: "Well I could see myself caring if I was stalking the person or had a major crush on the person."
Joette: "See, you would care"
April: "I have like 100+ friends on facebook, a majority of them I don't even know that well...they don't care if I am playing ping pong or not...this is so weird, I don't want to tell people what I am doing everyday."
Joette: "You don't have to"

A couple weeks later and some 100 new people have found me and added me as their friend...I too found some friends I wanted to add...and hey even an old boyfriend from college and I are friends now -never corresponded once...but we are friends on facebook...I guess it is only worth it so I can call Emily and tell her that I am friends with my old boyfriend...this is so weird.

conversation with Joette continued:

April: "I keep getting invited to do all these quizzes on facebook from friends I haven't spoken to in 'What celebrity are you most like?' or 'Do you parent like Angelina Jolie or Madonna?' and I get "winked" or "snowballed" or "hugged" by friends...what does that mean? Do I wink them back? and why would I do that?"
Joette: "April, you're not supposed to think so much about it...I don't think facebook is for is just a way to talk to your friends"
April: "Well I would rather talk to them in person...than just send a "wink" or a picture icon of flowers for Mother's day...this is so if I don't send a Mother's day flower icon back to my that like poor facebook etiquette?"
Joette: "Oh, I hope the way, have you joined So in So's "Live off the Land for a Year" group on facebook?"
April: "AHHHHHH!"
Joette: "I don't think you get facebook April."

And then there is Twitter. When I found out about this I thought, "You have got to be kidding me" I can see its importance for some things...but why do people have to take the time to text or write: "I am going to bed." for 300 people to read. This is so weird to me.
Are we all in a some state of needing validation?...Like Emily once said, "Everyone wants their celebrity moment in a sense" Trust me, I blog, I understand- but I try to blog mostly for me and maybe posterity (making a blog book) what do you think about all this? Why do people feel the need to tell the world they are hungry or going to bed? Or shopping for ice cream or going to the library?? Isn't this all kind of bizarre? bizarre how bizarre....I think the world must be really really lonely...really busy yet really lonely to feel connected somehow with people inside a computer screen...

whatever happen to the good old fashion phone call or talking to the neighbor over the fence type stuff???

ok, I am totally cool with twitter if you are really funny...because then it is like watching Seinfeld all day long...only if you are funny...I would follow Chay on twitter...nothing would be more entertaining.

oh but I just found out an old high school crush just added me as a friend on facebook...oh I can't wait to see his profile....LOL- it's all got to be good for something right? A little afternoon entertainment?


Emily Taylor said...

Well said. You should post that on Facebook.

Heather said...

i quite agree with you on the funniness of facebook and twitter. some gals in my old ward post stuff all day long. i think many are doing it from their cell phone - like how people text (i'm obviously a dork at texting and cell phones!).

Imagine if you were single, how it would be different and how you'd get to know people. And it is so interesting to find old friends from high school.

Oh - and having been in YW for 8 years, it is very interesting to keep tabs on what the YW are up to (the reason I joined facebook). I'm so disappointed in some and the photos they post and what they say, and some I'm overjoyed to see what lives they live. Anyhoo... sorry - long blah-blah comment here.

Plus - I love that image about blogging. I obviously love to blog, but I think it's so true and hilarious about saying alot about nothing. I know most people don't care a twit about what I have to say, but somehow it inspires me to think about the good things going on in my life and to note it for posterity (do you think they'll care to read it either? maybe not!).

ok - sorry for this eternally long drawn-out comment. I need to sleep and my head is fuzzy from allergies so please forgive me. :)

Tami said...

I'm like you April...I don't get it. Who cares what they are doing every minute! I just think some people are totally addicted to the computer and when there is nothing else to do..then search for friends and send icons on facebook. Hey, that is just me. I think it is a total waste of time. I blog about my family and stuff going on - but that is for family to keep updated on what we are doing. I have friends that keep telling me to join and I just think it is another thing to do to take up my time during the day and I don't need that. I have TOO much else to do and would find enjoyment in doing something else than doing facebook and twitter and whatever else there is. But that is me. Other people find their enjoyment and relaxation in doing it.

Solveig said...

I agree with you, Facebook is weird. I refused to join for awhile, but then finally gave in because I realized that I was actually being LEFT OUT of things because I wasn't on facebook. ("Oh, you didn't know about that party? Well it was posted on Facebook...") All the SuperPokes and virtual gifts are ridiculous, and who has time to play Mafia Wars all day long, seriously. But I do like stalking old friends and seeing what they're up to. It has helped me get in touch with people I never thought I'd see again. So, I believe it has it's purpose.

It drives me crazy how it's become a primary mode of communication, though. I have a total of 2 friends I actually talk to on the phone anymore...and I rarely get emails either; it's all facebook. I would prefer phone calls, but cell phones are no longer for talking, they're for updating statuses.

I've kind of come to the conclusion though that if you don't roll with the times you'll be left in the dark ages with no one to talk to. That's how I was starting to feel anyway. I guess that's not totally true, those who really care will call you no matter's just kind of sad to realize how few really do care in the end! At least it was for me.

The Potters said...

April, I agree with Joette, I don't think you get facebook:) you are so funny. April- i don't really think people who say "im playing ping-pong" are actually at that moment playing ping pong, but maybe like what i do is put that as my "status" but maybe i did it like two hours ago or something. I never got that either though. But now on facebook it doesn't say "what are you doing?" it says, "what's on your mind". so it's not so WIERDY anymore.
anyway. but yes Twitter is worse. People really write/text what ever they want and are usually currently doing that. i think it's more for us peons to follow celebrities. cause i joined twitter, but i have no followers, i guess cause im not well known, I'm not a celebrity. so twitter, isn't all i thought it was cracked up to be.
ok thats my contribution to your blog book. are you gonna include comments? that would be fun.
love ya

Tiffani said...

April - I just wrote a post about this with a link to your post. You must read Elder Bednars counsel on this very subject, it's very timely.

Marne said...

You are more brave than me on who you accept to be your friends...I don't accept every friend invitation. There are many people in my past I just don't feel like letting into my current life. Besides, who knows what they are like now and I don't need them knowing everything about me right now.

I like Facebook because it actually has given me more interaction with several family members (my sister's husband for one) than I have had in years. I love that. The same with several of my cousins and aunts and uncles. I agree on the phone calls, but my side of the family is HUGE and there is no way I can always call everyone. I would be on the phone all day. It's all there is time for to get brothers and sisters called. I love getting on Facebook and having private chats with a friend or my sister online. It's just fun.

BUT...Facebook can be a time-waster BIG TIME.

Marie said...

I enjoyed your post, April. I think people have forgotten how to communicate face to face and some people especially teenagers with less impulse control, etc, can really get in trouble without having some natural filters, like body language, voice inflection, and just the personal/space respect thing. It has proved detrimental for my second son. (you and Joette used to babysit him! Which reminds me of another story - he convinced Joette to let him color with markers all over the walls in an unfinished room and Joette told me she thought that was so cool that we let him color on those walls...we said, "We don't!")