Thursday, July 23, 2009

helllth I am finally feeling better. What a blessing. My toes are still numb...but I would take numb toes any day over how I felt a few weeks ago. Thanks to all those who were concerned and prayed for me.

I'm a paper route delivery fool again.

In a sick twisted sort of way I love my paper route. It is sort of addicting. I love the mornings, the exercise, the nice folks who wave hello...I'm a "regular" in the neighborhood now and so I get treated ever so kindly. The dentist guy always stops his morning run to say a quick hello and the lady who is ALWAYS in her garage painting or fixing something says hello often too...there is the jogger lady who NEVER misses a day of running who is so nice and sweet...I just really like it. I HATE it when my alarm goes off in the morning...but once I am up and out the door, I get that little early morning I go.

I have been on a health overhaul these past 2 weeks. I just have to be healthy. I just have to be...Not to be skinny, not to look good in jeans (although that is always nice) but if I want to accomplish what I want to accomplish in this life I have to be a little more strict with my body than most. My body is a gift really. The promptings of the Holy Ghost have been very for the most part I have turned all my eating around...and I am starting to feel good again. ENERGY! I love it when I feel like getting off the couch to do laundry. I usually have to talk myself into it because I feel so wasted! And for those who know me or grew up with me...know I'm not a "wasted" person. I love to move and do- and so that is why MS has been so depressing at times...but no more. Here I go. again.

For those of you who wonder what I eat to feel great- I eat an alkaline diet 90% of the day- if you are interested- google it- it has been the key to my "climbing out" of the slums of MS. I also supplement and I GREEN DRINK it baby!

I am reading a book that is encouraging. It is called "Healing Multiple Sclerosis" It is written by a lady who claims to have healed herself from MS through diet and herbs and such...everyone is different I believe- but her book gives me hope...

One day while reading the book, I came across the following paragraph and it brought me to tears (of course)...suddenly everything made sense to me...and I felt that I was supposed to read these words as a gift from on high.

"One day I realized that health was a choice and that on an unconscious level I had chosen this disease as a way of discovering my own worth. That recognition took my breath away. The next natural realization was, "I now have the power to choose a healthy body."" Ann Boroch

good stuff wouldn't you say???

My lesson on Sunday is on 'adversity' and it amazes me how the crappier life can get at times...the more we grow...Can't I just grow and learn by just having a perfect, healthy, no problem, no heartache, no loss, no pain life????

I would be a pretty dull person if that were the case- as would most of us...

Bring it on helllth.

I feel hopeful today.


Sheri said...

hi April, Im glad your feeling better. I miss you and as much as I think of you I should just call you. Love ya

Calie said...

Bring it baby! I love the feeling of being up in the morning too before everyone else. I used to love Keiths paper route during the summer when it was light out early in the morning. And I would sub for him. April I am proud of you for finding hope again. It is a hard road back... I am traveling on it right now.
Love you!

Elissa said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better. You inspire me with your healthy eating.

Rachel said...

I was reading a blog and saw the link to yours and wanted to check it out. Hope that's ok. -Good for you for being healthy. I had no idea you had MS. I'm glad you are feeling better. Also congrats on the Dave Ramsey thing in June. How cool. I just read that book. -Rachel Rounds

Sarah Gibby said...

You don't know me but...
I am a friend of the Kalmars. I guess your husband works with Tracie's husband. Anyway, I was just recently diagnosed with MS and have also completely changed how I eat, but more of a paleolithic diet and raw as much as I can. I thought I would tell you I am now following your blog and thought maybe we could be good recources for eachother. My blog is and my email is sarahagibby at

Tiffani said...

Thanks for sharing - I love the quote you shared with us "...I now have the power to choose a healthy body." Oh, you are reminding me that I need to treat my body better and watch what comes in (whether it be food or thoughts) and what goes out.

How is it going for you?