Saturday, August 08, 2009

2 years ago

***this entry was started on ju ju's b-day't get it done until today...

August 8th.

2 years ago today my life changed forever.

Julia Kaye Clark came into our world....

Oh my little Ju Ju how I love you.

You have been screaming ever since you came out of my uterus.

Beautiful birth...horrid baby. Love you. I really do.

Who are you? Who is that big spirit trapped in that little body? What are you going to teach me...or what more are you going to teach me?

As a 2 year old you are already so confident so bold so me channel it all for the good. You can be a fighter. You can be yourself, but oh how I pray all that strength is put towards building of the kingdom.

It is amazing how well you already know what you want. Oh love that it.

Don't love the high pitch screams and the crazy tantrums...

I love you so much. I love your curiosity. You are so full of life. I can't wait to see you in the morning. Your randomness keeps me watching you all day.

When Kenzie cries you always go grab your most favorite of all favorites blanket and give it to her. You have a laugh to die for...and sometimes as your mother I will do everything and anything to hear that giggle.

You are a hands-on type girl. Not very interested in being still for long.

You look nothing like Kenzie. Kenzie looks nothing like you. You are a mystery...a dark haired olive complexion mystery. I probably begged for you in the pre-existence.

Your glassy eyes are breathtaking. And where did you get your dimples? And your Louisiana birthmark? I think your huge birthmark is completely awesome. In the perfect place. Leave your mark Julia. Leave your mark on the world. You will be a legacy.

I love you so much. I love you so much more now than I did when you were first born. With prayer I have figured you out and now you are just addicting and entertaining and you don't bother me at all...I love who you are. I hope you will always love who you are.

Heavenly Father loves you.

Happy birthday.

thanks Tara and Niels for the birthday dinner!


Tiffani said...

Happy Birthday Ju Ju - we love you, and your steam rolling! You are so fun to tease. We hope you had fun eating your pink cake and opening your gifts.

Mothership said...

I have one of those--I was one of those. Be strong, Mama. I am best friends with mine because she was eternally patient with me. (I have to remind myself of this often . . .(: )

Tara said...

Ju ju, Hope your birthday was fun! We love to see you and look forward to seeing your bright smiling face soon. Thanks for being so generous with your hugs and love :)