Sunday, October 11, 2009

gift of love

ok so my 13 days of thirty are all messed up- today is supposed to be the 11th day of thirty- oh who really cares...

I am so grateful for church.

Today I taught Gospel Doctrine. I didn't do very well. I could feel it.

I asked Chay today during Sacrament Meeting what I could do to be a better teacher. He responded, "Scratch my back for at least 20 minutes and you'll be filled with all sorts of inspiration." very funny

While I was sulking about my calling, I quickly discovered that a young man in our ward who left a week and 1/2 ago for his 2 year mission was sitting in the chapel with his family. This young man was sent home for reasons no one needs to know. But to serve a mission, you must be clean and pure before the Lord.

It was fast and testimony meeting today. This young man got up and bore his testimony. His mom then got up after him and bore her testimony. She said, "2 weeks ago our son was dressed in the armour of God ready to serve the Lord and little did we know he was already wounded." She then continued to bear witness that through the power of the atonement her son will be stronger and more faithful. She expressed her love for him and expressed gratitude for the heartache they were going through- she knew God's love was infinite and great lessons were being taught at this time in their life.

After she was done bearing her testimony she walked down and gave her son the biggest hug. It was so beautiful to feel this mother's love for her boy. I was so touched. I was convinced at that very moment that Love heals has to. I don't know this young man very well but I got up and bore testimony that we've all been wounded- we all need Christ. We all need each other to get back to our Father in Heaven. The rest of the testimony meeting was so powerful. Members in the ward embraced this young man with love. I was witnessing a miracle. United we joined in this young man's healing adventure. There was no room in our hearts to judge. The spirit was so strong. It felt good to be surrounded by those who are trying their best to serve God and who love this young man the way he should be loved by a ward family.

In a world where we fall so easily to judge and belittle those around us, I experienced a true miracle of love today. By far the best gift yet.


Tiffani said...

Thanks for sharing that powerful lesson. Paul and I were both touched by the spirit as we read your post. Love - that was a big topic during General conference, too.

Marie said...

I appreciated this post, April. Jeff's had to release a couple of missionaries recently who also thought they could prematurely cover their wounds...and you're right, we just need to love there is no room for judgement. Happy birthday, by the way!