Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is joette's birthday.

I learn so much from Joette each day.

She is kind of different from me in a lot of ways.

She doesn't like confrontation. She likes to cook. She likes to take pictures of train graffiti. She can play the piano perfectly. She doesn't like to debate. Every person she meets she will trust until they hurt her. She is always kind to people no matter how hard her day is. It is usually her family who really knows how hard of a day she is having :)

My greatest memories of Joette are probably our long car rides together. Everything in a healthy sisterhood gets accomplished on our car rides. We talk about life, God, trials, and family. We listen to really really good music and snack on almonds.

We grew up sharing a room off and on...and sometimes the same bed. We were either fighting or laughing. Typical. Joette was a neat freak. I was a slob. But we have always laughed about the same thing. Joette and I get each other's humor and is so entertaining to be with her. Being with Joette is the best "home" feeling there is.

Joette is so dynamic. She has so many twists and turns to her that she must be confusing to some. She is overly talented in so many areas that sometimes people label her too quickly and never get the chance to really enter into the real Joette- and see who she really is.

On her facebook page Joette posted this video. It really reflects her testimony. And it really just reflects Joette - a person who is full of hope and is full of love for her Savior Jesus Christ. I love this video. I love you Joette. Happy Birthday my best friend.


Joette said...

correction: I love debating. Especially with people who listen and who are willing to see outside the box.... if someone can't take the time to see the perspective of others than why debate? Debating is fun when it is done right. Happy Birthday to me!

I love you my dear sister.. let's go on a road trip soon?!

April said...

ok...well what do you know? You are debating that you like to debate-

you are just usually the first to leave the room when a "debate" arises- maybe it is just the family debates that drive you nuts.

Mothership said...

I love you, too, Joette! Happy Birthday.

Isn't it a blessing to have a best friend/sister?

Keith said...

This is from Bev...I love Joette and hope that she keeps celebrating her birthday. I love reading your blog and your writings about your sister - both very special daughters of God. Thanks for posting "Lifting your Burdens". Very powerful. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. Love you. Mom R.