Sunday, March 14, 2010

quotes I found today

“When we rejoice in great music and art, it is but the flexing of instincts learned in the previous life.” ~Elder Neal A. Maxwell

I swear I am reminded of a familiar heavenly place when I hear certain music.

Experienced it today.

Oh and I love this one too:

"It is much easier to believe in eternal progression than to practice daily improvement. Likewise, the need for humility is easy to assent to, but it is so difficult to receive corrective counsel humbly." ~ Elder Neal A. Maxwell

So so so true...easier to talk about the importance of being humble than actually being humble. What? You expect me to really change? Naa I'd rather just talk about it at church...or point out others who need to change than actually do it myself... far far easier.

Anyone stumble with this too at times???

Can you tell I love and miss Elder Neal A. Maxwell????

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