Tuesday, May 04, 2010

trusting trials

Many of you are inspired by Nie Nie's story. For those of you who aren't aware- Stephanie Nielson, a mother of 4, was in a plane wreck with her husband about 2 years ago. They both survived but most of Stephanie's body was burned in the wreck. Stephanie blogs about her experience.

I love this video. Heavenly Father really knows what he is doing with us...despite the trials that come our way, we are loved and watched over by Him. Some of our greatest trials will bring us closer to Him, if we but choose to allow Him to work miracles in our lives.



Heather said...

i saw that last night and just loved it. my favorite line was something like, "This is my new life. It is good." She is such a good, good example.

The Potters said...

Thanks for posting that April. It totally made me cry, I had to allow myself to cry. I have been to her blog once, but it was great to see her video. I loved it. I like how she said, "I am not my body", I can't even imagine all the things she has learned in seeing her life with this new perspective. What a great example.

Tiffani said...

I loved this video so much that I had to copy you and post it on my blog. I loved her comments on motherhood -that really touched me. Yesterday I watched this video 3 or 4 times!

Me~Kelly said...

i have enjoyed her blog on many mornings, very inspiring.