Wednesday, June 09, 2010

excitements of lately

It's almost 10 o'clock in the morning and the girls are still asleep! I think I wore them out yesterday. I took them to "free lunch" at the school and they wanted to walk to the school- midway to the school they were huffing and puffing...complaining.- and then without a nap we went swimming. They played hard with their cousin Gage. They wouldn't leave the poor boy alone.

Kenzie likes boys. All her friends are boys. All I hear her talk about is Michael, Hyrum, Gage, Clayton...

Random excitements:

Went away for a couple days...feel rejuvinated...ready to be a mom and wife again...I'm sure only time will tell when it will be time to leave again :)

Hit the 50% off Savers sale on Memorial Day. I loaded up on some great newer clothes all for $.50-$3 dollars each for the girls. I love finding a good deal. Here Kenzie is supposed to be modeling some of the clothes for me but is picking at my plant instead.

I found this brand new bumper at the Savers sale too for $3! I love how it is white! I was wondering how I was going to find, pull off, or make some sort of boy bumper for the baby with my style...this was a pleasant surprise to find.

Chay built a tire swing over the weekend. We got the idea and instructions from I love that website. You can learn how to do anything on that website. Oh the blessed internet. I can't believe how much my mom figured out without the internet while we were growing up. The tire was free from Pep Boys. Never pay money for a used tire. The chain however NOT free.

I found this cool table and chairs for $30 at a yard is ornate and beat up. But I just loved it. So I bought it. Thank you Cami for helping me bring home my junky treasure. I know I will be able to sell it for more...but for now I just stare at it and store junk on it...obviously.

Got my garden in and planted flowers. I am so excited about planting asparagus this year. I love asparagus and its a perennial vegetable that will harvest for up to 25 years! It takes 2-3 years before you can harvest but I figure by the time Chay is done with school we will be enjoying sweet asparagus...time passes quickly- it really does.

asparagus looks kind of freaky coming out of the ground like that...

We trimmed the front bushes...and Chay put in a new back door- being that our original back door was the original back door...from the 50's...and served no purpose other than being a door- a piece of hollow wood separating the outside from the inside. Let's just say we feel a lot more insulated now.

swimming lessons...for Kenzie. I fought swimming lessons...thought it was super silly for a 4 year old being that I started swimming lessons when I was 8 or so...but then I realized that I grew up around lakes and rivers and swam all summer long and sort of taught myself the basics- and Kenzie doesn't have that opportunity. Plus Kenzie likes it of course. But the pool water is always freezing...her teeth chatter/bottom lip quiver the whole time.

Look at this tall lonesome beautiful tulip. I love looking at it.

This picture is special to me. "The Promise" by Morgan Weistling. A very special family who I love so dearly placed this picture of Christ in my bedroom- it was the first thing I saw when I walked in my bedroom for the first time after serving my mission. The little girl looks like me when I was little. I love how she is clinging to the Savior.

Well I spray painted the picture frame white to match the girl's room decor better...

And the backyard. We actually never slept in the tent...but just played in it all day. I'm not about to sleep on the ground with a huge belly when I have a comfy bed 20 feet away.

Kenzie and Daddy


Cami said...

Free lunch at the school - could we go with you sometime? I want to take Michael a couple times a week so he can see what school lunch is like.

Fun post!

April said...

Yes let's go together- that would be a lot more fun for all of us! I think I will bring a stroller and bike next time...the girls are out of shape! I was thinking Tuesdays and Thursdays??? I actually don't have a schedule so whenever really. Up to you.