Friday, August 06, 2010


liquidificador- that is the word "blender" in Portuguese. Isn't that the longest word ever for something so simple like "blender"?

It's so hard to worry, or have a bad bad, or be angry if the song "Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Traps is playing...try it. The song just makes you feel like everything is going to be ok. It's like driving in the canyons with the windows down in perfect weather...beautiful scenery- it's like children laughing and running through the sprinklers. Just a feel good song.

I believe in music therapy.

Listen to the song- it's the first song on my playlist. I am listening to it right now and suddenly now I just want to hug and jump off a dock into a lake at midnight. (with a swimsuit on this time- for those few who are wondering)

Isn't it funny what music can do?

weigh in wednesday- 177 lbs...2 lbs up 2 lbs down- whatever.

Joette is in town and so we are going to the gym, drinking almond milk and chopping vegetables daily. We decided to make August our makeover month.

I love little Xander. He was starting to cry and grunt all day so I took him to the chiropractor. Worked wonders. I am sold.

I am thankful for air conditioning. Not thankful for my power bill. HOLY SMOKES.

I love how the health club has huge sunflowers planted in their flowerbeds. Someone happy planted those flowers. Totally unexpected- love it.

I saw a bumper sticker that said, "I love jet noise." I love jet noise too! I love living close to an air force base. Every now and then the big booming jets flying by will get my heart all pumping and I just want to start singing "Oh say can you see!!!"

two spouts of mastitis- I felt like I was poisoned or something. It actually reminded me of when I got Dengue on my mission. I couldn't even get out of bed without Chay's help. But I just drank a gallon plus of water each time and nursed and pumped like crazy and I beat it!- symptoms gone in 12 hours. Phew.

Is there anything more sweet and precious than a newborn?

My sister is amazing. She has such a HUGE purpose in this life. My girls love her more than me right now. She truly is a Mother in Zion.

Pictures of the little guy:


Tami said...

Such cute pictures of Xander and I love the one of JuJu too. I love air conditioning too much also and my power bill has definitely showed it...more than doubled last months bill. Oops! Oh well. I'm so glad that Joette is there to help you and your family. That is such a huge help and sacrifice on her part. Can't wait to see you tomorrow and your cute family!

Cami said...

I love the sunflowers at the gym too! So happy. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with mastitis. I had it two times in the first two months with Lauren, and I thought I would die. But good job on beating it with no drugs. You go!

Cami said...

Oh, and I tried almond milk for the first time this week. YUCK! How do you drink that stuff? I seriously had to add sugar - a lot of it - and even chocolate milk mix to make it drinkable. Then I just dumped the rest of the box out. Gross.

cathi said...

Those pictures are adorable! Sorry about the mastitis-it is miserable. If you have any more trouble with it, pineapple juice works wonders. My midwife told me about it and I didn't think it would work but I am a believer now! The stuff works miracles.

Solveig said...

What CUTE pics of your little guy! Henry has that same alligator onesie...I love it. I agree that newborns are the best...and I'm glad that you have Joette there to help you out. Take advantage! And have fun with the gym and the vegetables.

Me~Kelly said...

looks like his daddy.
i believe in music therapy too. my life has a soundtrack.