Sunday, October 24, 2010

joy in this journey

So I am 31 now. Pretty exciting I tell you. It kind of feels like 30 and probably a lot like 32 I'm guessing.

Getting older is kind of lame-o. Not quite the thrill that came with turning 16. But it's interesting how little milestones in life make cause for personal reflection.

My six day birthday journey was a week of reflection. I observed myself and my actions. This is what I discovered: I have weaknesses. I am a child of God. I am nothing without God. I need to make life changing decisions that will face nothing but opposition for the first little while. I also learned that all my choices each day need to be prioritized into three categories 1. The Essentials 2. The Necessaries 3. The Funs (thank you Sister Beck) and obviously making sure "The Essentials" are always first so The Necessaries and The Funs find their place beautifully in life without a lot of stress.

Essentials: prayer, scripture study, Family Home Evenings on Monday, family prayer, church on Sunday, Keeping the Sabbath day Holy, going to the Temple as often as life and babysitting permits, family scriptures at night, visiting teaching, calling- you know, the essentials- the choices in life that build our foundation and our relationship with God. I am a covenanted person therefore I try try try to do The Essentials dang it!

Necessaries: A house of order- (oh sigh, I suck at this), exercise, eating healthy, story time with my children, dinner with the family, education, date night with Chay, one on one time with my kids

The Funs: everything else fun that we all enjoy- which is great and important- but should never come before The Essentials that's for sure. And we all know The Funs come before The Necessaries often...which is ok I think from time to time- But when nutrition is out the door, the house is messy and cluttered, too much money being spent... because of too much play- well even The Essentials get easily jeopardized when The Necessaries are out of whack. The Funs in my life are redecorating and renovating something in the house, blogging, reading blogs, internet, reading books, thrift store shopping, watching movies, talking with my dear friends and Joette on the phone-

This is my personal categorization of priorities that I feel inspired to follow. I will obviously get my priorities messed up every now and then...but I just want to try and at least remind myself every day what is the most important in my life...

Like take this little guy for example...

joy in the journey


Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Oh I love little Xander! I could just hold and cuddle him for a 100 years! Those are some good lists...It's a good reminder to me about what is really important in life and what can just wait. Satan does a really good job at confusing those lists for me though...but all we can do is try try try our very best! Oh and if you need a babysitter so you can go on a date night with Chay or head off to the temple or know I would love too!! Consider it..."pre-parental" training for me :)

The Wright Stuff said...

April.... I wish I had time to write my feelings as well as you do... I love you so much! Thank you for inspiring me to make my list of priorities!

Sarah Gibby said...

I know I didn't expound, I'm sorry. My baby is a fussy one and needs to be held all day and my brain has been working a little slower recently. It took me a couple days to finish the post about the liberation procedure. I found a doctor in Provo that is doing the procedure and my insurance will pay for it! They did an ultrasound to confirm the blockage. His name is Dr. Hatch, Dr. Black is at the same office and is also doing it. Their number is 801-379-6700. They gave me a consultation that same week and scheduled my venogram for a week later. Definitely give them a call. I really like Dr. Hatch, he is really nice and so open minded about CCSVI. I will definitely post about how the procedure goes.

Laura said...

I had to comment on how adorable Xander is! I love reading your blog!